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    TVCC Kaufman

    Anyone else headed to math and 1119 on thursday?
  2. Karen1984

    I'm getting written up! (Very long)

    You did absolutely nothing wrong and should make certain you get statements from everyone involved in case the doc decides to be an a**. I had natural *shudders* childbirth with my first child and an epidural with my other two. The first time I was only twenty and my family and mother in law wanted me to do natural. Luckily it went fast but I did get in a lucky shot at my mother-in-law's face when I was yelling at her to leave. They were the ones that shoved me into natural labor. Sounds the same way with the family you were describing. And let me guess...the doc is male and over fifty?
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    TVCC Kaufman

    Kaufman says to keep May 8th, July 9th, and August 20th open for various reasons. First one is orientation. Maybe the other two are refresher orientations just so we won't forget stuff. But I must say. I really wasn't like the idea of the white scrubs for clinicals. Then I saw a post on here where one school is actually making the students wear the old fashioned white dresses. Now, I don't mind the idea of the white scrubs that much anymore. Of course now I have to buy underwear specifically to wear under the scrubs cause polka dots would just look kinda funny. (I let my kids pick out my underwear-as long as they're my size-it makes them happy) :)
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    My 9 year old patient was raped and required surgery

    I'm so proud and happy for you and the girl! You are lucky the state let you keep her being a single parent. Here in Tx it's extremely hard. My daughter's godmother's niece (whew-follow that connection) was abused by her mom's boyfriend and so the state wouldn't allow anyone in the family to take her. I had to virtually fight to take her instead of her being placed in a overburdened house. The only objection they had, which they fought so hard over, was the fact that I'm a single, divorced mother. I got her and six months later she got to go back to her mother. But that's because Alina did what any mother would do-(she was in jail for the six months btw) she beat her boyfriend within an inch of his life while she waited for the cops to get there. But I do have one piece of advice. Be very careful of the mother. Document everything that you can: how often she visits the father in jail, how she sticks up for him, ect. Some states hate to take away parental rights unless they have no choice.
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    TVCC In Texas

    For the Fall 09 class TVCC's ADN program didn't even make it out of the 10s. I barely squeaked by with a 10 because my GPA was on the high end of the scale.
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    Part time nursing programs in DFW

    i really hate to contradict anyone. but the main campus, outside of nursing, is located in athens. palestine and kaufman are the main nursing campuses. kaufman specifically rn and some lvn. terrell just does your pre-reqs.
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    TVCC Kaufman

    I applied to TVCC's ADN program for Fall 09 with 10 points and a 3.449 GPA. I got my acceptance letter and almost passed out! I called Jeffrey to make sure he got my return letter and he told me this year they didn't even make it out of the 10s.
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    Assault of Nurses in ER

    I'm not sure on the laws in Texas, sadly I've lived here all my life, but I do know that the emergency department nurses in Mass. are trying to pass a law to make it the same punishment for assalting a nurse/doctor as it is to assault a police officer or fireman. I do know that here in Texas the patient is rarely libel as the lawyers will say 'they were in pain and unknowing of what they were doing' and the judge will almost always agree.
  9. Karen1984

    To all the mothers: Day Care Advice (long)

    I have 3 children ranging in age from 4, 3, and 1. My husband left the day our youngest daughter turned 2 months old and since I was just starting my pre-reqs for nursing (I just got in!) I had to find a daycare. So I have experience with what I'm doing here. First, make an appointment to go and see the daycares that you've narrowed it down to. Usually the best time to go is between 12-2pm. Nap Time. Easier for teachers to give you a few minutes to answer any questions you have when they don't have a half a dozen kids asking for attention. Make a list of questions before you go. Times, prices, prices for being late. Whether or not you're child's age group goes anywhere, does any special projects. What you'd need to supply for the child while they are there. What kinds of policies do they have regarding sick children and pick up times and return times. Discipline methods. Etc. Talk to the daycare's director, the teacher that would care for your child and everyone else you can get your hands on. Then make a decision based on what you've been told, what you've read, what you've heard and how you felt. You want to be comfortable around the people taking care of your child. Most importantly you want to make sure you can trust them. Good Luck.
  10. Accepted for Fall 09 at TVCC in Texas

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