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    Totally implanted artificial heart

    Abiocor (from the makers of Abiomed!)
  2. Tsiasn

    2 weeks notice

    Wow, this is such a hard situation. I'm not goint to tell you what to do, but i know i've been there and felt that way; critical care is NOT easy starting off in and your preceptors can really make or break you. I hope you come to the conclusion that's best for you!!!
  3. Tsiasn

    Daytonite has passed away...

    I am shocked and saddened by this!! I wish her family all the strength in the world!!
  4. Tsiasn

    Question for the CCRNs

    Yeah, I really don't understand why you think it'd be dangerous. I'm a new grad just off orientation and although I'm not getting the most critical pt.s on the floor, I am being built up to that point with one or two gtts, and the occasional CABx1 or mini valve (:)). Yes, they're babying me but I am new, what should I expect? What WOULD be dangerous is if they gave you a post-op bleeding pt. whose going down your first day off orientation, but that would say more about your unit than you.... I felt like you but opposite. I worked in Med-Surg as a tech for 2 years prior to getting this nursing job and couldn't really see myself entering that specialty.. you can do it if you really want it!!!! I think the hardest part would be actually *getting* a job in the ICU, but you sound like a fantastic candidate.
  5. Tsiasn

    When to start applying

    I never put licensing on my resume... Also, when you put your degree, put xxx School of Nursing, BSN/ASN anticipated: November 2009, Current GPA: x.xx
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    questions stops @ 265, what is my status??

    Good luck! Check with your state board of nursing's website, just go to the "verify license" part. I've heard a lot of my fellow grads have heard back in less than 24 hours!:typing:nurse:
  7. Tsiasn

    George Washington Hospital New Grads...?

    You email, you call and yet nothing. I feel like at least we should get a mass email like "No thanks, try again somewhere else" instead of this limbo they have us in. Since I've taken the NCB test I've heard nothing despite leaving phone messages and sending emails. Maybe they should hire more than one person to do this job cause it seems like she's overwhelmed.
  8. Tsiasn

    AI DuPont anyone?

    I recently applied and interviewed for an internship position at AI DuPont. Has anyone else been through the internship or applied and heard back? I was supposed to hear back last week but alas..... NADA!!!:redbeathe :bugeyes:I'm going nutty waiting!!!
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    Duke Hospital

    Hey-- i have an interview at duke for a floor position. Does anyone currently work for duke or have any experience with the hospital? Also, what's the new grad pay rate? thanks... also!! whats the real estate like there? thanks in advance!
  10. Tsiasn

    George Washington Hospital New Grads...?

    Now, has anyone actually spoken to Yomi? Is it in actuallity a man? PS- I got the email too... so it must be a mass email.
  11. Tsiasn

    Christiana Care Internships for new Grads

    anyway-- i heard we will hear back sometime either next week or the week after. afterall, the internship begins next month.
  12. Tsiasn

    Christiana Care Internships for new Grads

    Hi lsm-- I applied for the medical internship and the critical nurse internship and the ED internship. I got rejected from the ED internship and I got an interview from the other ones. He,y I thought it went pretty good and I thought I answered the questions the best I can. I heard they want to be magnet so theyll hire from within (their cnas) and theyll only hire bsns. plus i've never had any hospital experience, only nursing home experience. what kills me is they make you wait for so long. most of the other internship programs ive applied to let you know in early april! this sucks b/c by then, they want you to sign a contract. christiana is my 1st choice and if they don't take me for somethhing, ive wasted the new grad application cycle and won't be able to apply until later this year..... oh well.
  13. Tsiasn

    Christiana Care Internships for new Grads

    Sucks I thought I interviewed well... NEWRNDE would you mind sending me an email. I want to talk to you: my email address is cangetright@gmail.com Goodluck hownic, I hope you get it!!! :)
  14. Tsiasn

    Christiana Care Internships for new Grads

    Yeah, Due to the volume and types of applications we received (blah blah blah), the selection process was extremely competitive..... Although your experience... blah blah....... For those that interviewed, what was your GPA and what kind of questions did they ask at the interviews?

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