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    New RN, Ok to do ambulatory/clinic?

    How many of you have taken their first job in a ambulatory/clinic setting. Is it hard to get a job like this with no experience? I've been out of school for about a year now, but had no job/experience. I'm thinking of applying into a ambulatory/clinic setting and was wondering if it will be ok for a new nurse to do or get a job like this? What are your opinions? Thanks!
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    Advice for a late test taker?

    A friend graduated from nursing school in 2011. She didn't take her nclex due to some reasons. What advice will you all give for her to study now that she has decided to take the test? She has forgotten most of the stuff she says. How long do you think is a good time to study for her? I'll appreciate your replies.
  3. Miley22: Were you able to find any school that doesn't require experience? I'll appreciate your reply. Thanks!
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    How many years will it take to get my MSN?

    Does anyone know of any online NP school that take new RN with minimal to no experience? I'll appreciate your help. Thanks!
  5. Hi Everyone, I need some help. I have an ADN, non-nursing BS, and no experience yet due to no job. My goal is to be a FNP. I was wondering if going thru WGU's master's (education or leadership) would be ok if I further want to transfer to a post-master's FNP. Money is also an issue for me that's why I want something that is cheap. Has anyone gone thru this route? What schools did you go to? Faced any problems? Please help! Thanks!
  6. Hi Everyone, I need some help. I have an ADN, non-nursing BS, and no experience yet due to no job. My goal is to be a FNP. I was wondering if going thru WGU's master's (education or leadership) would be ok if I further want to transfer to a post-master's FNP. Money is also an issue for me that's why I want something that is cheap. Has anyone gone thru this route? What schools did you go to? Faced any problems? Please help! Thanks!
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    Anyone got a Post-Master's FNP after WGU master's?

    Thanks! Will do that.
  8. Hi Everyone, I need some help. I have an ADN, non-nursing BS, and no experience yet due to no job. My goal is to be a FNP. I was wondering if going thru WGU's master's (education or leadership) would be ok if I further want to transfer to a post-master's FNP. Money is also an issue for me that's why I want something that is cheap. Has anyone gone thru this route? What schools did you go to? Faced any problems? Please help! Thanks!
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    Hi Everyone, I'm going to be an LPN/LVN student and finish my program (LPN) next year. I already have a BS in a non-nursing degree. All my pre-reqs to get into the ADN program are completed as well. I applied to the ADN program at a local community college and due to the lottery system didn't get in . I wanted to start somewhere as I want to start a family in time so, I decided to start from scratch in nursing and decided to do the LVN program (as this was the only option left). NOW, my main concern is that I don't know if I'm going into the right direction. My main goal is to become a NP. What I have planned is: do my LPN, do the LPN-RN (preferably online or on-site in my city), and then do the RN-MSN online (even though I believe there aren't many online choices for the online one) as I already have a BS degree in another field. I have this planned in my mind BUT I don't know my chances of getting an LPN-RN (pref.online) and RN-MSN online. This is going to take a long time too IMO even if I go full-time. I really want to know if anyone has done it (online or on-campus) and what their experiences have been like? Also, I want to do RN-MSN online because I'm married and don't want to move to another city as my husband already has a career here and I don't want to leave him to go to school somewhere or want him to leave his job he has here. Also, there's only one school in my city that has onsite LPN-RN program and it's very competetive and they usually take their own students who did the LVN from them (I'm not doing my LVN from them) and there isn't any school that has RN-MSN (NP) in my city. I would really appreciate if someone will share their experience as to what it is like to go this route and if it's hard, takes really long, or is/is not a good option overall? Thank you so much for your time in advance :)
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    Part-Time ASN-NP program

    Hi Everyone! Can someone please suggest a part-time program, preferably online. I have an ASN (no experience yet) and a Bachelor's in Biology. I've searched through some programs but can't seem to find any. Even if you know of any that's a bridge from ASN-BSN-NP, it will do, but I can only do a part-time one. Also, Frontier is out of the question since I don't have any work experience yet, no job . I'll appreciate your replies. Thanks!
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    Part-Time ASN-NP program

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    RN-NP Programs: Please Help!

    Hi Everyone! I've searched and looked through this site but can't find direct answers and honestly I currently have no time to sit and search for hours. I would really appreciate if someone can help me. I'm actually finishing my ADN at the end of this year. I have a previous bachelor's in another field. I was wondering if someone can tell me if there are any programs that offer RN-MSN (NP) programs for new nurses with a Bachelor's in another field, WITHOUT EXPERIENCE. I want to continue and not take a break because my main goal is to go straight to NP. I would prefer an online one. I would really appreciate your help, thanks! :)
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    Lady of the Lake Accelerated ASN

    Yeah, the reason I asked was coz my cousin got her acceptance letter on saturday and didn't even have an interview. I guess we should all be hearing soon? AliB: Did you have an interview or anything? How were your stats and pre-req completions?
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    Lady of the Lake Accelerated ASN

    Hey, For those who have applied for the Spring 2011 Accelerated program for Tulane (N.O) location: Have you recieved anything yet? Do you know anything? Thanks! :)
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    Marymount Fall 2010

    Hey Everyone Can you guys tell me when you got your letters/postcards? I only got one letter from them saying thank you for applying...blah blah blah and then a sheet of paper attached with all the deadlines and requirements.
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    Can a 3.0 mean 2.98?!

    Hi All, I was wondering if someone can help me with my scenario.....actually I'm applying to accelerated BSN and some ADN programs. I see that a lot of schools require an overall GPA of 3.0....I'm getting my bachelor's in summer. Right now my overall GPA is 2.98 but I'm taking a few classes that I'm doing well in and I'm positive that my GPA will rise to 3.0-3.1 range. Well, my question is that when schools say minimum 3.0, does it really have to be minimum 3.0 to apply...even though by the time I finish it'll be that and also I don't wanna wait another year to apply after my grades post. I'm applying to schools that don't require a 3.0 as well, but really concerned about the ones whose minimum is 3.0. Has anyone been in this situation before? Can you help? Thanks in advance!!
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    Can a 3.0 mean 2.98?!

    Thanks for replying, everyone! I guess I'll just apply to some with this GPA and if not selected anywhere, I will apply again after my GPA rises a little :) Good luck to all of us :)
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    Marymount Fall 2010

    Hi All, I also sent in my application today to this school. Does anyone know what their policy is on course repeats? What grade they take? Hopefully they get all my stuff in time including my transcripts that the school will directly send them....donno how long they'll take
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    National University San Diego

    Hi All, Does anyone know which of the three National campuses are easier to get into....in regards to how many applications received, GPA, TEAS, etc? My overall GPA from my Bachelor's degree (Bio-medical Science) is 3.0 in pre-reqs I had to repeat my A&P I and Microbio. to get a better grade.....However, I do have about 10 W's on my transcript with 3 D's and 2 F's (Biochemistry and Genetics) in three different semesters as I was going thru a terrible time when two of my immediate family members passed away in road accidents within a year's time. I was really depressed for a while and didn't care during my junior and senior year (usually the opposite happens when people don't care in their freshman and sophomore year). Went through separation myself, was only 21 when all this happened....and now three years later, I regret it all but it was all out of my hands . So basically, my junior and senior year were bad and my last 60 semester hours' GPA is 2.7 (overall will be 3.0 though).....well enough with my bad grades, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what my chances are? Where do I stand? What can/can't be done? I'm only planning on applying in California as I'm married now and my husband has a great Software Engineering job and I don't want him to move outside California with me (due to the job crisis) and I don't wanna leave him unless it's the last option I have . I'm really putting my heart into nursing and want to become a Nurse Practitioner after I've gained some experience as an RN first *fingers crossed* and can't take my mind off of it. Ok, I'll stop...too much for now....but I'll love and really appreciate any replies/suggestions you guys might have. Thanks for reading :) G-luck to everyone! :)
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    Kaplan college in San Diego RN program

    Hi All, I wanna apply to Kaplan's ADN program but had a few questions before I give my info. to the reps. :). When is their next start date? I'll have a Bachelor's degree in Science from a nationally accredited university. What pre-reqs does Kaplan require which the students talk about that cuts their program length and how much does it cut it? My main goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner....so, with an ADN from Kaplan and Bachelor's in Bio-Medical science from an accredited state school...can I transfer to a RN-MSN(NP) program....is there any that will accept it? Which accreditation does Kaplan hold currently? I'm also considering National university's second degree BSN but I want to keep my options open as my previous B.S overall GPA is only going to be 3.0 . I'll really appreciate any info you guys might have. Thanks a lot!
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    kaplan college sacramento

    Well guys, I gave up my seat too :'( my husband made over 100K last year so I didn't get any grants and for the loans I only got 6k and the rest was was the alternative loan option but I don't deal with interest so I gave up... We hav no savings either as my hubby dearest used all of it used it on a down payment on a house he bought for his parents....and I don't work.....so may be next year? I'm really sad though, spent the night crying :'( but on a positive and happy note, congrats to all those who will be starting school soon :)
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    kaplan college sacramento

    No letter here either . I did call my rep. though asking her what all this pre-acceptance deal is.....she said that she doesn't know what the letter says so she can't say anything and when I do get the letter I'll come to know....well duh...but who wants to wait till the letter...lol...and she also said that some letters were sent on friday (I feel bad for these people since they'll have to wait more......ohhh I hope I'm not one of them lol) so wait till tuesday at least.....now, let's see...hopefully all goes in a well planned and organized manner coz' there isn't much time left ......oh by the way guys, does anyone of you have a current CPR certification? We have to have it before the program begins, right?!
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    kaplan college sacramento

    Dupek1974---I don't have any paid direct patient care experience BUT I've worked for three different doctors as a receptionist/back office and I completed a three semester CNA program in my high school (which included CNA clinicals) but never worked as one....and I have a fair amount of volunteer experience in the hospitals but it was all when I was in high school like 5 years ago....and I also do have all my pre-reqs for the RN program, well, actually I have a B.S degree. Hope that helped :)
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    kaplan college sacramento

    I guess when we call the Director of Admissions, she'll let us know.....may be it's all the financial aid stuff and a drug test that's left...but you never know, could be more...lol...and may be I was told "pre-acceptance" coz' I'm on the alternate list?!? lol...I hope not, though! Let's see....waiting for that letter now....ugh!!
  25. IwannaBeNP

    kaplan college sacramento

    Congrats Applemom!!!!:).....I got that call too a little bit ago....it was the lady who proctored our HESI....she didn't say anything about me getting in....all she said was "when you get the letter call the addmissions director directly, it is your pre-acceptance letter".....lol...I wish she said I'm in and didn't use the word "pre-acceptance"....lol...but hey, something's better than nothing, at least I know I'm getting some kind of letter :)