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    Best way to become an Occupational Health Nurse

    I don't know what state you live in but the UNC Chapel Hill has a wonderful program for RNs looking to learn more about Occupational Health Nursing. They offer a 1 year course study that starts in August each year , the credit can go toward master hours. 1 week is spent on campus , the rest is online. I was in the first class 2008. It was wonderful. You get to do field work as well while in NC. ( Visit a Occupational health nurse on a job site). They accept nurses from any state to attend. I live in Texas.
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    Not paying license renewal fees on time (random thoughts)

    I can't believe this. Keeping my license active is like breathing to me. After being an RN for well over 35 yrs. , practicing in several states, it has never been a problem to keep a current license because it is part of who we are. I guess if you don't have that same feeling ..that it's not even a job to you let alone part of your person , then it's easy to forget or not have the time to put it first. Some nurses are just not what they use to be...I guess
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    Lowest stress (still great pay) nursing specialties?

    I think Occupational Health Nursing is a very stress free job. Many companies hire OHN to run health fairs, run their onsite employee clinics and minor on site injuries. This line of Nursing has so many opportunities to advance into Public Health, Epidemiology, Safety ..and the jobs are limitless with advanced education. No stress and increased salary plus federal or state jobs with great benefits..in most
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    Adding more letters?

    Yes UNC program is very good..I was in the first class 2007 amd completed 2008. All done onlone except the first weel on campus which was jammed packed but fun
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    Certification in OHN Online

    University of north carolina chapel hill offers an excellent 1 yr mostly all online certificate program for ohn. You receive 11-12 credits towards your masters and the only oncampus visit is summer i course which is great, all others are online. I just completed in august 2008. You can finish your masters there if you like or just do the certificate. Look at the web site at unc.edu or ask me for further info.