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  1. mhyneangelz09

    The Medical City

    hi fellow nurses! i'm glad upon knowing about this thread.. i hope someone can answer me with regards on my queries.. i took the initial exam last thursday and i was told that the result will be released this week.. or does someone knows when will i expect a message from them that i passed..lol.. bear with me i'm just being positive! thank you... G0d bless!
  2. mhyneangelz09

    Final Interview @ The Medical City!

    i took the initial exam at TMC last october 28, 2010, thursday.. do u guys know h0w long when will the exam result be released? thank you... i'm very much looking forward that with my prayers.. i passed...
  3. mhyneangelz09

    retake nclex-ca

    can i send the reapplication form and fees just as long its within 2 years since my last take? just confused?... tnx.. or need to send reapplication immediately?
  4. mhyneangelz09

    retake nclex-ca

    hi guys... sorry it took time for me to reply once again... i haven't sent out my retake application yet.. i failed the 1st time when i took the exam last june4, 09, i became frustrated.. coz i was preparing f0r it and full of hopes that i will passed.. but unfortunately i didn't... as far as i kn0w.. when BON mailed me my result it was indicated there that i have two years to reapply again.. i understood it this way.. that i can send them my retake application within two years after my 1st take.. am i right?... sorry... i'm praying f0r G0d's guidance and help for me to be prepared again, not only with kn0wledge but financially as well.. .. but definitely praying that i will start pursuing my career as a nurse... s0meone give me hope.. tnx and God bless!