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    Loss & grief.....

    your story was truly moving. i have tears swelling in my eyes right now. i always considered myself emotional, crying during movies, crying when i'm happy, sad and even when i am angry.when i realized nursing was the career for me i was never quite sure how i was going to handle all the many encounters that are ahead. being only a student i am still not 100 percent, but after my clinicals and the pain and hurt that i have encountered with patients, i relaize that i have to move my feelings to the backseat and help the patients to deal with all of their emotions. I have to stay strong and give them strength through my care and the conversations i have with them. It is nice to know that here are people who see pain, and instead of staring wiht confusion, the rush to help. The smallest acknowledment seemed so helpful to you and it is heart warming that she, a complete stranger, was there to comfort you and help you just as a nurse would for their patient. So sorry for your loss.