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  1. i can't believe we didn't get our orientation packets this week =( hopefully we will get them on monday!
  2. We will be getting our orientation packets by the end of this week. That's what the nursing office told me. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I think it depends on where you want to live. Both are good nursing programs.
  4. torasamu - how did you find out about the orientation being on July 30 at Sequoia?
  5. katwag87

    **FREAKING out*** SFSU/Canada BSN program

    Did you get in?
  6. it* didn't say anything about the waitlist I mean
  7. I just recieved an acceptance letter. I didn't say anything about the waitlist. Good luck Xtine!! Are you guys on facebook??
  8. yeah Xtine, a lot of people move up one the waitlist after the first day of nursing school when people don't show up.
  9. I got my acceptance letter too! I moved up on the waitlist!!! Ecstatic! Best of luck to everyone else!!! Let me know what happens!
  10. applexjuice, yeah sure..do you have facebook? or whats your email?
  11. Torasamu, I did my classes at CSM and Canada.
  12. pochacco, i agree with solidus snake. most of the pharmacology classes at junior colleges that aren't part of the actual nursing program are for all allied health majors. i took a pharmacology class at canada last semester. most of the students were medical assistants and a few pre-nursing students. i just took it because i wanted to get a head start and didnt want to waste my time while waititng to get into nursing school. although it will definitely not hurt to take pharm, you definitely don't want to take it INSTEAD of your nursing program pharm class because you don't want to miss anything, you know?
  13. i think she said 20 were on the waitlist. yeah usf is great. 3 years though and a ton of money!!! but either way i will be happy. so where did you do your prereqs?
  14. hey. i am still on the waitlist. the wait is killing me. i need to know!! sandra ballance told me that it is really unpredictable with the waitlist. they went through about 20 on the waitlist last year which is really high. but the year before they only went through 5 people on the waitlist. so who knows! we will see!! i also got into USF so thats good but Canada is my first choice..
  15. Xtine, Sandra Ballance told me they would call.
  16. the only thing i got in the mail today was my pg+e bill =/
  17. i wonder when we will hear if we made it through the waitlist
  18. hey if you call (650) 306-3291 (the science dept) just ask them to transfer you to the nursing dept. you wont be bothersome. everyone is really nice there. good luck!!!!!!
  19. Hey does anybody know when we the earliest we might find out about the wait list? i know it could be after the first day of nursing school when people dont show up. but i hope it is sooner!! good luck to everybody
  20. Hey everyone!! So I called the Canada College Nursing Dept on Tuesday and she said there is a delay in mailing the acceptance letters. But she asked me my name and looked up to see whether i got in. I am on the waitlist and my other three friends called. 2 werent accepted and the other one was. I also got into USF's nursing program. So if you guys call, she will be able to tell you!!!