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  1. Hello Nurses I want the best solution for this question 1- discuss ways for a community health nurse to make service holistic and focused on wellness with : -- pre school -aged children in a day-care sitting . -- a group of elders living in a elderly home . -- a group of chemically dependent adolescent . 2- " Mr. Jone a middle age man discharge from hospital after heart attack , you planned to visit him at home . -- define home visit ? -- what are the purpose of home visit ? -- what are the advantage and disadvantages of home visit ? -- what are the main health role you perform as a community health nurse to prevent another attack ? 3- A school health nurse notice a boy with high absentees record and low grade . -- what are the main role the school health nurse perform , and discuss how this role can be played ? thanks alot
  2. hello nurses can everyone tell me what the most comon side effect of \lithium carbonate thanks
  3. mega-scorpion

    Help : i want the most common side effect of lithium carbonate

    thanks alot nurses but what we can do when the side effect turn to complication ? ...
  4. mega-scorpion

    I need special consederation for Lithium

    Thanks Alot for your replay thanks
  5. Hello nurses everybody help me tha lithium is the drug of choice for manic patients tell me what the special consederation for lithium when give it and when side effect appear thanks

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