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    How to prep for being an LNC

    i live in the detroit area where the economy has changed dramatically. at this time, finances are limited and i am not able to afford classes. i refuse to believe there is not another way. i have read through many posts; i cannot express how helpful these have been. i invested in the textbook many use in the classes and have found much information. there are stickies and notes in every crevice of the book (not joking). however, it does not outline how to work through the cases, in detail. i found a website that offers sample cases, but now what do i do with them? with my knowledge and background, i am able to identify areas of question, and need for further investigation, however...what’s next...am i missing something...i do not want to invest money that i do not have, to purchase a book or article that is not worthwhile...i'm just saying. i am not looking for a short cut and willing to devote the hours, study and man power in this effort. i have checked bookstores and libraries to find additional guidance and instruction (which i can see before i buy) however my findings have been limited. i received a pm related to suggested software some time ago. if i were to purchase them in sections, which one would you recommend first? i am determined not to be limited by temporary circumstance. any and all suggestions would be helpful and appreciated, and i thank you, in advance for your help and listening ears.:pntlft::pntlft: