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    College or Freestanding Program?

    Hi GPDREAMS, I am in the same postion as you are. Im taking pre-reqs and Im interested in becoming a CNA. I also live in Baltimore but honestly through all of my research I have never heard of any CNA courses that will count towards a nursing degree. Even if you take them at a community college, it isnt a credit program so the credits wont count towards your degree. I know at Baltimore County Community College you have to take Medical Terminology but be ware, they have Med Term classes is credit and non-credit . Even if you take the one that is for credit unless your going to a BSN program that class isnt a requirement in most nursing programs. I think you should go to whatever program your comfortable with. Also depending on the school you go to for your RN or BSN the intro nursing course and/or clinicals are waived for CNAs. That waiver is for CNAs period and it doesnt matter whether you went to a college or a free standing school. Good luck, Kei!