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    working with an incompetent nurse.. need advice!

    I agree with what you are all saying about me personally not reporting the situation but I was called right after the situation happened by that aide and she was torn up... I am trying to get the aide to report it I was just trying to get others opinions especially from other nurses about what you thought..
  2. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant and am having a serious moral dillema over a nurse I work with. I am conflicted on whether or not to report or...or who to report her to. A few months back one of the aides told me that one of the residents blood sugar completely bottomed out like he was unconsious and when she went to get this certain "nurse" all she did was give her a cup of orange juice and told her to make him drink this and she would be right back. Luckily this aide was going through nursing school and knew what to do to make his blood sugar go back up. The nurse didn't return to even check on the resident until many minutes later. Then recently two other aides had a more traumatic expirience. We had a resident who was in his 40's with congestive heart failure he was limited to 1200 cc or whatever of fluid per day and was also a bad diabetic. well his blood sugar fell into the 40's and he was coming in and out of consiousness. the certain nurse in question told the aides to make him drink glass after glass of orange juice, cranberry juice, and apple juice to try and bring his blood sugar back up. Doing what they were told the aides made him drink many large cups of these juices. This is all while the nurse told them to sit with this man until he got better. She also made them spoon feed him large amounts of apple sauce to try and get his sugar back up. This man is a full code and one of the aides told the nurse why don't we send him out and the nurse simply replied he will be fine, and she also said We will just wait till the next shift nurse comes to deal with it!!! Then this man started vommitting stuff that looked like coffee grounds and started having horrible diarreha. The nurse thought nothing of it and said next shift could deal with it. Right when the next shift nurse got there this man died even after CPR. I was not there but I can't help but feel this is a truly wrongful death. I don't know what to do.. I feel like I need to just quit my job if I have to work with this nurse who I believe knows not what she is doing!!! Please.. from everything I told you does this sound wrongful.. couldn't making a man with CHF chug many glasses of fluids be bad? I mean I am not a nurse but I think something she did contributed to his death.. I know he was in poor health, but I think incompetance played a huge role.. This is bugging me to a point of were I can't stop thinking about it.. This man was young.. Please give me much needed advice.. Thank You