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    Student Nurses over 35 and Second Career????

    Hi all! I'm also new to this site and soooo grateful I found this thread. I'm almost 37 and just now working towards a "career" instead of a job. Technically I'm a SAHM, although I don't really stay at home much . I'm down to Physio and Micro, then I can apply for the RN program. I'm looking into CNA classes for the fall, to give me something to focus on while I wait....and wait.... I wanted to take my CNA classes this summer but I have a 5 year old son so nights are my only option until he starts school again. I heard the Red Cross was a great option, but its almost $1500.00, so thats a big NO for me. Anyways, love for all your posts! They're very inspiring to me,considering I'm usually older than my professors

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