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  1. rmcneese

    STLCC-LPN BRiDGE not passing

    It seem like they are basing there average pass rate on the regular RN students and may not be including the students that bridging oveer, who is already a nurse.I'm just wondering how can most of them fail 3rd semeser. You only get one chance I thought.
  2. rmcneese

    STLCC-LPN BRiDGE not passing

    Hi everyone i recieve some disturbing news. I was at one of the colleges recently and was told by an advisor that over half of the LPN's that in the bridge program failed. That was scrary. i want to no is it harder to pass the classes from the 3rd semester. I know its a struggle.We all know there a long waiting list if you is not a LPN. Now i'm trying to out weight my options. I only know one LPN that bridge and pass, now she is an RN from STLCC. The percentage seems to be much higher in failing if you are bridging over. WHY, WHy. Can anyone help me or explain to me why R