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  1. nursekat43

    Air Force Reserve Process

    Thought I would give you my experience with the reserve side. I had initial contact with a health care recruiter 2 years ago. I have been shuffled around to 4 different recruiters and still have not commissioned. If it ever happens, I will go in as an 0-4- I have been a nurse a LONG time! The process is EXTREMELY slow.
  2. nursekat43

    AIr force reserve rank

    Thanks for the responses! I am an "experienced" nurse- been in critical care for 22 years! Almost hate to admit it- I still feel like I'm 18!
  3. nursekat43

    AIr force reserve rank

    Can someone shed some light on a subject for me? According to the packet being prepared by my recruiter, I would be at 0-4. (I have been a nurse a LONG! time). However, I don't read about anyone entering on these boards as anything but an 0-1 or 0-2. Does the selection board put all reserve nurses in at this level? Thanks!
  4. nursekat43

    Air Force Reserve COT

    I would be interested in this information, also. The website gives some good information, but would love to hear from someone who has been through the RCOTs class.