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  1. luvemrare

    2011 sfgh critical care program

    any notifications sent out yet?
  2. luvemrare

    Any nurses completed or working on a ACNP in Cali?

    the results I get from searching NP jobs in my area are probably not that accurate due to the economy/budget crisis. And my ACNP faculty like I mentioned are Arizona locals and do not know much about California's needs and desires of NPs. I figured someone on this board has to be ACNP and is working or plan to work in the bay area, california??
  3. hello, I live in the bay area, California. I am working on an ACNP. I was told by a classmate that ACNP was not very popular in the East Coast of the united states but was not sure about the West coast therefore she hesitated on becoming a ACNP and took the FNP route. I am more concern about job opportunities and the need for ACNP's in the bay area california since I do not plan on moving. Anyone can give me some information. I need to decide on a focus asap. Thanks
  4. luvemrare

    UCLA New Grad Program 2010

    i guess UCLA opened their waitlist and I was one of them on that list. I got a call asking if I was still interested and i can schedule a phone interview first.
  5. luvemrare

    support California's Nurses

    sorry about the info....i have the flyer on pdf but i dont think theres a way to upload it here. it is on may 11th actually. thx for looking
  6. luvemrare

    support California's Nurses

    San Francisco Giants is putting on a fundraiser for nurses of California and will donate a percentage of the proceeds to the California nursing student's association. CNSA | Home check the organization out also. They are a great way to start your nursing network. And at the same time you can attend a day game against San Diego Padres!!! Check out the poster with ticket purchase info by clicking on the link above! AT&T Park, May 11, 7:15PM Tickets 18 dollars each. $8.00 will be donated to CNSA. Thank you guys!!! come on bay area, California help your nurses out.
  7. luvemrare

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 09

    cedars sinai is sending out their acceptance email for phase 1 as of now that is what my friend got. phase 1 is the phone interview.
  8. luvemrare

    Best Men's Nursing Shoes???

    There is new technology now a days and these shoes have been getting a lot of attention. Check it out or try them on at a shoe store. I suggest it and I picked up a pair this week. And you guys can customize the color scheme so the right colors can be allowed on your unit. Here is the link: http://solecollector.com/live/all/reebok-zig-pulse-now-on-your-reebok/
  9. luvemrare

    CSU East Bay RN Residency Program

    Hey members, any of you guys completed this program. Supposely it is for unemployed new graduates. They place new grads into clinicals and have two hr seminars weekly. It will definitely help new graduates get some training while waiting for jobs. I just wanted to see if anyone here completed the program previously and i believe they just finished accepting the upcoming spring's batch.
  10. luvemrare

    Naval medical San diego

    To all RNs at Naval Medical centers iam a recent new grad RN from CAlifornia. I have checked out naval medical center as an option. I am flexible in a sense that I can relocate to anywhere in california just not out of state. So my question is, what is expected out of a RN at Naval Medical Centers? Does the medical center ever place nurses to other locations and bases? And can anyone give me some insight on applying to a nursing position at a naval medical center? Thank you in advance. Nursing would have been much more difficult without this site and people like you! I have many family responsiblities and including a dog that I need to take care of....pretty much my number one priority.
  11. I do not feel good at all. it was exhausting and felt like I was PSYCHing myself out the whole time because I felt i got more questions than anyone there. I was the last one to finish and had 30mins to spare. Anybody with any uplifting stories about 265questions. I am trying to not look at the PVT yet. maybe tomorrow.
  12. update: Just as I suspected...I got a no credit for clinicals. This is some #@#@$@#. filed a report with grievence committee. Dont know what is going to happen now. But the process is going to be long and tough. You guys think I can get legal process into this?
  13. thank you guys all for the quick responds. Yesterday, the instructor called me several hours before my AM clinical ORDERING me not to go to clinicals. I asked her why...but she didn't want to explain. She said that I will inform you later. She also said that we will have a meeting the next day (which is today). This sucks!
  14. Just to set up some background information....So I have 4 more weeks until the clinical rotation is over at psych ward. And midterm evaluation was a week ago. Each week we have clinical reflection journals and patient presentations (almost like a care plan like paper), that needs to be turned into the instructor via email and also print a hard copy to bring to class the following week. So when it was my turn for evaluation with my instructor. She gives me an unsatisfactory evaluation paper workup. It was 4pgs long of what I did not do. It consists of not turning in assignments. And that was it. The evaluation that she wrote up for me was so untrue! I had completed all of my assignments and never was late to clinicals and always engaged in critical thinking discussions during class. When I asked her why is she complaining about my missing work because she physically has them in her possession. She keeps all of our completed homeworks and assignments in our folders that she keeps in her strolling backpack of hers. When she when back to double check if my "missing work" was in the folders, it in fact was there. All she said was "oh here it is." Then I asked her, how come I was never notified about my missing work? She showed me of the emails she had sent complaining about my missing work. I looked through the printouts of her email because she had printouts of them stapled to the evaluation. I looked through three separate email printouts. They were all complaining about missing work. Then I noticed that the email address was incorrect. So I pointed it out to her and she was like "ohh how could that be," "opps." One thing for sure, she has my CORRECT email address because I (just like the rest of my classmates) have to send homework via email weekly to her. There was no reason to get the emails incorrect. Secondly, the instructor never took the proper way of address me the "missing work." She sees me each week and never had I gotten a hint or notification about missing work or even asking about receiving her email compliants. To make it worse. She is still going ahead with the unsatifactory evaluation which means she is failing me. She even sent the unsatifactory eval to the nursing director and chairperson to notify them of the incident. So iam furious and do not know what to do. So I notify those same director and chairperson and told them my side of the story. The director and chairperson had arranged to set up a meeting with me and the semester chairperson. I spoke about the incident and explained the situation. After 1hr -2hr meeting and discussion, she told me that she has no power or authority to change/force my instructor to pass me. She said that the instructor is the one who has the grade making decision for your clinicals. She also said that she is the middle person trying to mediate this situation. She said the best bet is to go talk to my clinical instructor and work something out. Now am I four-weeks away from passing this semester and Am hit with this junk. I do not know what to do. Can someone please help me out. Nobody from the nursing department will stick their necks out for me. So my family and I are thinking about legal methods and reasoning. What do you guys/gals think? any experiences? Please help asap