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any of you guys completed this program. Supposely it is for unemployed new graduates. They place new grads into clinicals and have two hr seminars weekly. It will definitely help new graduates get some training while waiting for jobs. I just wanted to see if anyone here completed the program previously and i believe they just finished accepting the upcoming spring's batch.

Hi - thanks for your interest in Cal State East Bay Nursing. I think you are referring to our new RN Residency Program.

The program was developed in response to the high number of nursing graduates who have been unable to find employment. It spans 12 weeks and includes 24 hours of clinical practice and 2 hours of seminar per week. The idea behind the program is that it will be helpful to the graduates by keeping their clinical skills sharp and to the agencies/hospitals which will be able to train new graduates without expense. Although times are tough, our hope is that some of the agencies will be willing to hire the graduates that they've trained. Hospitals generally spend 6 months training (and paying) new graduates, so this is a win-win opportunity.

Unfortunately you missed the deadline for this year and the next session won't be held until winter and spring 2011. Applications will most likely be taken during fall 2010. Check this Web site for more information: http://www20.csueastbay.edu/events/rn-residency/index.html Or contact the CSUEB Department of Nursing at 510-885-3481.


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I would like to know how many units this program confers, and if those units are applicable to the BSN program. Also any employment data on grads would be great to see. I am not going to let myself make the same mistake twice, so I need this information.

Thanks for your interest in our program. It is designed for recent graduates of BRN, NLN, or AACN/CCNE accredited S.F. Bay Area nursing programs and currently unemployed RNs who received their CA RN license in 2009-2010. There is no cost. This program is supported by Alameda County Workforce Investment Board and CINHC funding provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The application period for Spring 2011 has just closed. Check out the Web site for more information: http://www20.csueastbay.edu/events/rn-residency/index.html