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  1. bonster71

    Therapeutic Lying With Dementia Patients

    Wonderful article. Just the other day in memory care, nearing the dinner hour, perhaps 4:30p, I noticed two female residents whispering and clearly making "plans". I am charting at the computer during this time. After a few minutes, they leisurely stroll up to me in their sunhats and beads, and claim that they "need to make a reservation on the sundeck," and the ringleader tells me that I "need to have the boys pull the car around." She advises that they will also "need drinks." Clearly, these two lovely ladies were in high style on vacation (I like to imagine the 40's or 50's) with huge glasses and hats, perhaps a strapless glamourous white swimsuit, while the men were golfing. It was such a pleasant, happy thought for them, AND for me, after a long day, and I wouldn't dare take them out of that dream. I advised that dinner was being served in the "banquet" room, and that perhaps they should have a bite to eat first before heading into the hot sun. They went, they did, and unfortunately for me, their trip was over. I have both Alz/Dem organic cognitive decline as well as behvaioral/mental health on my lockdown unit. Some require reorientation, and some do not. The two lovely ladies were just FINE where they were.
  2. I am in the LPN program at Scarlet. We have class or cohort numbers...so our group of students is number 62. That's specific to LPN though.
  3. You know, I was told that I had to have all three steps of the HepB done, and in my case the timing worked out. But the other day--our instructor went over "who is behind on vacs" or TB tests, stating that you could not go to the clinical site until paperwork was submitted showing that you are up to date. I know that one person said they had just gotten their last HepB so that rule may have changed.
  4. If it's Jennifer Moore---I believe that she is working part time and there are a ton of students trying to get in....so perhaps she is taking longer than normal. "Normally" she is on the ball and not delayed. Take a look at this link from the CinState website, because I think it may answer your questions regarding testing out. I swear, I think they try to make EVERY ONE take the stupid DE Math Classes. Link: http://www.cincinnatistate.edu/real-world-academics/catalogs/2009-2010 Go to page 70 of 262 in the catalog for the test out information. Also--make sure to start your immunizations early so you get the three HepB shots complete over 6 months time...
  5. I am in my second term at Scarlet (days, class #62). We are just starting clinicals. So far, I like it. But the program is extremely disorganized. I have no doubt that I will get through it fine, but one must have extreme patience with being ignored on email at times and waiting a while for an answer.
  6. bonster71

    I'm sure you guys hear this a lot...

    oral care. make occupied bed. txfr to w/c. ambulate. handwashing. This was in Cincinnati.