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  1. Lilmimrn

    nurses and spelling

    I couldn't tell if you were being serious or kidding in your post :) None-the-less, I would say if you or whoever knows they have issues with grammar (like to, two and too or their, there and they're) then I would suggest learning them. Take the time to look them up and learn the differences. As far as spelling goes, look the words up and over time you will remember them. I know that on shift you may not have that kind of time but if you do, I think it makes a world of difference Even look them up later if you have to. I waitress part time while I go to nursing school and to this day, "fettuccine" still gets me when I have to write it out!
  2. Lilmimrn

    nurses and spelling

    I had to read this thread because I too am a stickler for grammar and spelling. After reading through the posts, I have come to the conclusion that I would be more irritated at improper grammar than I would be about misspelled words. When working as a nurse or anyone that has to chart for others to read, it should look professional and it is part of the profession; to be clear and concise. Our instructor reminded us that at any time, your chart can be used in court cases and you certainly would not want your grammar to be an issue. As someone stated earlier, I would fall over dead to see "boi, lol, cuz" or any other type of texting style chat on a chart! Even though I would love to write "lol" after something funny, I would recognize it is not the place to use that type of abbreviation. I do not think doctors should be excused from proper spelling and grammar. I think it is one thing to misspell a word here or there. But to constantly have misspelled words and improper grammar all of the time you have to admit, makes a person look unprofessional. Especially if the mistakes are on elementary words/grammar and not something like hippopottomonstrosesquippedali phobia
  3. Lilmimrn

    Dear Nursing Student

    Thank you for your letter Marty! I am currently a nursing student in my second semester and I thoroughly enjoy coming on this website and reading about different things. As far as care plans go, at my college we research our patients for about an hour or so on Monday evenings. Then we have clinical Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Our reports, which consist of full pt. history including x-rays and and diagnostic testing, full assessment of patient, list of 10 prioritized nursing diagnosis', all meds researched and written, all abnormal labs defined and related to pt., one nursing diagnosis written out in full care plan form and I am sure a few others I am forgetting, are due on Thursday at noon. All of this also includes researching topics that you have not yet encountered and understanding them so that you are prepared at pre-conference at 6:45am on Tuesday morning after you researched 24 meds until 2am! Tell your students 7 days to hand in their reports is a gift Thank all of you for your posts and keep them coming!!!
  4. Lilmimrn

    I hate to say this, but I think it's true.....

    I totally agree!! And hoefully those of us that went with heart and those who stay with heart will be in positions to remove the ones who provide inadequate care! That is one of my goals!! I had one experience with a horrible nurse at a time when I should not have...when I gave birth to my son. I was not amused and that is one situation that stuck with me and I would NEVER want someone to deal with with an uncaring nurse in a time of need!! So keep your eyes peeled ladies and gents!!!!
  5. Lilmimrn

    I hate to say this, but I think it's true.....

    You can get your RN at any community college in two years. Well atleast in NY you can :) 4 years is a bachelors here.
  6. Lilmimrn

    I hate to say this, but I think it's true.....

    I see where you are coming from and why you would think that. However, for me, if you don't have the heart and determination, you either won't make it, or you will be horrible at your job. I dont think it hurts to have more people in the field! There are shortages everywhere and maybe with more career nurses out there, we can make more of a difference. I don't think that someone coming into this profession with money as a goal is a bad thing. Honestly...when people look for a job, salary is a large part of it!! Just because people are coming in for the money, doesn't mean they will make a bad nurse. People learn; they grow and they change. Like I said, most will fail out anyways if they don't have the heart.
  7. Lilmimrn

    What makes Nursing school hard?

    I think there is alot that makes it hard. I am a mother of two boys ages 7 and 4. My husband works full time over nights to help me out. Sometimes I have evening clinicals or sometimes I have to study in the evening...pretty much any free time I have to study. My first semester wasn't too bad; I had one "nursing" class which equals out to 2 lectures, one clinical day, one skills class and massive amounts of time for write ups and reading. On top of that I had A&P 1 which in itself is insane!! Last semester I had Maternity and Medsurg 1. Those two equaled 2 clinical days per week, 2 lectures per week, a skills class per week, and then I had A&P 2 on top of that!! I passed all but the Medsurg. I missed it by 2 points. I had B's in Maternity and A&P. I am going to re-apply and hopefully get back in in the spring. I think what makes it so hard...is the reading assignments because they are so long and dry, and the testing. I am more of a hands on person and I learn better that way more than reading. I am not a reader so I struggle a lot with that. My first semester I studied alone and did ok. This last semester I took the advice of my instructors and got into a study group and that just didn't work for me. I have not figured out what my study habits will be next time around. But hopefully I will have it figured out by then. My advice? Don't plan any vacations during the semester, plan on lots of take out and weight gain, read read read and just be ready for exhaustion and stress! have a great support system to help you...it means the world!! Good luck!!