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  1. nursecammie

    How Many School Nurses out there ???

    first year as school nurse in missouri.
  2. hi, looking to take some gen ed classes for the rn to bsn at excelsior. does anyone know if classes from penn foster transfer to excelsior? thank you
  3. nursecammie

    when to enroll in excelsior

    please help! when should I enroll in excelsior before I finish my prerequisites or now so I can ask an advisor what I need to take. I have my adn from a comm college and want to get my bsn from excelsior. this is my first post---thanks nursecammie
  4. nursecammie

    I took the Excelsior CPNE Workshop

    even after you were an RN with experience??? I didn't think I would have to! wishful thinkint!!!!! thanks
  5. nursecammie

    I took the Excelsior CPNE Workshop

    dumb question--do you have to attend the cnpe if you are already an rn-I'm working toward my bsn? thanks
  6. nursecammie

    online rn to bsn programs

    am looking for a school online that you don't have alot of extra gen ed you that you have to take. I am ADN and have been for 21 yrs. might be to old! live in MO. also, reasonable price, no clinicals. please give me names of schools or any info and thank you.....czuzul
  7. nursecammie

    RN to BSN online

    I am looking at ft hays state university---but it seems like you have to take alot more gen ed classes there. I am ADN from LCCC parsons,ks? Didn't want to take history, government, etc.czuzul
  8. nursecammie

    RN to BSN programs,

    I'm am looking for an online program to get my bsn--need recommendations. Cost, amount of gen ed classes that are required, etc. thanks cammie