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please help! when should I enroll in excelsior before I finish my prerequisites or now so I can ask an advisor what I need to take. I have my adn from a comm college and want to get my bsn from excelsior. this is my first post---thanks



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You could apply now and get an unofficial eval of your credits. Then talk to your advisor and see which courses you still need. After you finish health safty and all your prerequ's then I would enroll. You have to pay an enrollment fee yearly on your anniversary date of enrollment, so you want to finish as many courses as you can before you enroll.


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Since you already have an associate's degree you will have most if not all of your prerequisite courses done, so there will be no advantage to waiting to enroll after completing prereqs. Go ahead and enroll, (if you are sure you want to pursue this program), send in your transcripts and talk to an advisor. The trick to saving money on the yearly administrative fee is to not dilly dally completing program requirements. Once you have your enrollment finalized and your transcripts have been evaluated, sign up for your first course or exam and get to work. Good luck on completing the BSN with EC.

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