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  1. Pump Action Murse

    Nclex second time around. My take on it.

    That's the spirit! At least you have a job to pay for those fees, better than me going to mommy and making her pay my dues. I think you are in a better position than most grads who just graduated and have a license, since you are a new grad working as a CNA, after you get your RN license, its a guaranteed RN job since most hospital accept internal applicants than outside applicants. So dont fret. You got something going for you and it seems like you are getting closer to passing that test. Strengthen your weak point and stay focus on the test, I'm sure you will get that license soon. Good luck
  2. Pump Action Murse

    Nclex second time around. My take on it.

    Fairy, don't lose faith. I'm assuming things are kind of slow since you are living in Canada, they might need more time processing these kind of paperwork. Seems like you are hauling major butt with Kaplan scoring that high. I have a feeling that you might be weak in one area because with score like yours on Kaplan you should have no problem passing the test. Anyhow remember I had to wait over a month to get my result, but that one month of doing nothing cleared my head. Then that day came when I got the call. I did not open my failure letter because I was living all over the place when I went to school, so I used my relative's address for my mailing address. I did not even open the letter, my cousin open the letter from Sacramento and told me over the phone that I totally bombed the test and threw the paper away. I did not even know where I stank on that test. All I know was that the NCLEX is no regular test. It is testing your safety and your judgement. I studied, build up my knowledge base and answer questions with the mindset of safety in mind and that is how I made it through. Just keep a positive mental attitude and above all else, don't fret if you fail. Just retake it again. I know it sound easier said than doing it but dont stress yourself out. A stressful mind wont get you anywhere. Just relax and enjoy your hobbies or hang out with friends or relatives till you get the official result. I'm here if you need any help or have any questions.
  3. Pump Action Murse

    Nclex second time around. My take on it.

    DaliaFairy, never give up. I know how it feel, dont lose hope. I'm sure you passed, if the last few questions were dirt easy, I'm sure you passed. If you feel confident answering those prioritization and infection control questions, I'm sure you have passed. Keep us posted on your result. Good luck fairy . Hey SunShine BSN, those SATA questions are a pain in the rear. I believe the best way to answer those type of questions is to have a good knowledge base and answer and check what you do know, then double check your answer before you move on to the next question. The Lacharity case studies are hard, I pretty much skip that part of the book and focus on the first two part of the book. 62% on Kaplan is good enough I believe, just go to the test with some confidence and I believe you will walk out of there with a RN license. Good luck SunShine.
  4. Pump Action Murse

    NCLEX review books/CD???

    I think you have plenty of knowledge, what you need is a book called Prioritization, Delegation by Linda LaCharity, it will train you to think as an RN. That's what I used and I passed my test the second time around. Good luck.
  5. Pump Action Murse

    What do I do?!!! NCLEX-RN

    I suggest you buy a book called Prioritization, Delegation by Linda LaCharity. That book trained me to think like an RN, and I think that was what I needed to pass the second time around. Good luck.
  6. Pump Action Murse

    how to bounce back after failing nclex rn the 1st time?

    I failed the first time around too. 75 question in 45 minutes. After that I picked myself up and made a study plan which I adhere to. 3-4 hours a day of Saunders CD questions, some Kaplan questions from the online Q bank and of course Priority and Delegation by Linda LaCharity, that book is awesome. It will train you to think like an RN. Good luck and dont feel down about failing the first one. The vast majority of people pass taking it the second time around.
  7. Pump Action Murse

    Nclex second time around. My take on it.

    Thanks for the kind words. But hey, I was in the same shoe as you for a while. I know it sucks and really stings when you fail the test and other classmates pass the first time around. But this does not make them any smarter than you or me. The world needs caring nurses like you, dont even think about doing any harm to yourself. Dont listen to people who put you down when you fail. If you made it through nursing school you will eventually get your license, its just a matter of time and dedication. Make sure you know where your weakness is and strenghten your weaknesses to pass this test. Know your meds, nutrition, priority, infection control. All the other stuff is just icing on the cake. I wholeheartedly believe that by knowing these four fundmentals is what got me through this test. Remember, this test testes your judgement as an RN and not how smart you are, you made it this far, dont quit, you dont even know how many people would kill to be in your spot instead of trying to get into nursing school.
  8. Pump Action Murse

    Nclex second time around. My take on it.

    WoooHoooo, yippeeeeeee. I passed the Nclex-RN the second time around. For me I think passing the Nclex the second time is wayyy more rewarding than if I would have passed it the first time around. First off about me, I think I have Addison's disease or something LOL Throughout nursing school I usually fail my first test. For some odd reason I always go into the first test testing the test, please dont try this students, you will regret this. It seems like FAILURE is the only thing that motivates me. I recall failing the first two exam of Intermediate Med-Surg, but that got my catecholamines going and I was able to pass the class by studying harder. Yup you guessed right, I failed the Nclex the first time around, same story after graduation, instructors and former students telling me not to worry about the Nclex and it's not hard as nursing school. So I lounge around passively reviewing Nclex material while awaiting my test date. So the first time I went to take the test I was relaxed and laid back. I figure that I am going to pass this test by just playing ini mini mini mo click the right answers and lets go home. 75 questions and 45 minutes later I was out of the testing center. I felt like I did not really cared about the test because statistically 85% of first time test taker pass the test right? Anyways a month later the CA BRN handed my *** back to me. That test totally kicked my butt. I was not devastated or crying or anything. I felt bad for wasting my parent's money by slacking off. My parents were very supportive and when I told them I failed they smiled and wrote me another check and paid my fees and said dont worry, keep trying until you pass hon. Then I felt like a total douche. I know I'm gonna go get my revenge on that test. :angryfire Now here's the part some of you guys might find helpful. This is my study plan. I felt like I failed the first time because I did not reviewed enough content to boost my knowledge base. I dont know where my weakness lies, so a good friend of mine recommend me to just use the Saunder's 3rd edition cd and practice testing to know where my weakness is at and study the rationale carefully. Saunders was what I used for the first two weeks. My cousins also recommend me that I use Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment by Linda LaCharity, it's a short book but loaded with terrific questions and rationale that will train you to think like an RN, I think this book is what I really needed. Another friend MADE me use Kaplan online Q bank, I think these questions were veryyyyy similar to the NCLEX question. I recommend you do these question trainers a week or two before the taking the Nclex. My score for the trainer were from 52% to 64%. Not even at 65% but I think that is good enough. So I spent about 3 hours a day everyday for month gearing up for pay back. On the day of the test I went in with anxiety, I can feel my heart beating. This is actually a good thing in my case, my brain gets more creative and works wayyyyy better than a calm brain. For me calm brain = procrastination. As soon as I saw the first question, I squinted and read the questions very carefully and consider all possible answers before choosing an answer. I cant stress enough how important it's to take your sweet time when reading the questions and answers. I wish I have done this the first time around, could have been a whole different story. So 2.5 hours later, 2 breaks, 79 questions, including 15 sata (I think it was a good sign) the computer screen went blue, and I felt way different than the first time around. I was 90% sure I passed (last five question were dirt easy though:idea:). My cousin called me in this morning before she heading to work to told me check the BRN website and behold my name is on there now!!! Glad the test is over with, BUT dont get me started about finding a job, its horrible here in the bay area, but I want a job and the $$$ to treat my parents and cousin to something nice. Here's my wholehearted advice to those who did not made it yet. Never call your stupid or look down on yourself. PLEASE dont do it, nothing good will come out of it. If anything surround yourself with positive people. You made it through nursing school and went through hell, this is no where bad as a clinical instructor breathing down your neck watching and waiting for you to do something wrong. I would like to thank this forum because after I fail the first time I came here often to see what was needed to pass the test the second time around and there is plenty of good info here. It seems like the Nclex is not aiming to test your knowledge base, but is more like testing your judgment as an RN. I recommend you know your prioritization and infection control. It seems like this two subject appear very often and answering it correctly will give you the higher level questions. Sorry I got carried away, but I hope my story and plan will inspire some grads to keep trying and earn that license we all want. If anyone here have any question I would be more than happy to answer them.
  9. Pump Action Murse

    I passed !

    Congratulations!!!!!!! Patience and persistence pays off in the nursing world. :bowingpur