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  1. GipsGrl

    Tough Clinical Instructor

    I feel your pain. One of my clinical instructors WAS a Captain in the Army yuks...she didn't have any kind of bedside manners, whatsoever....My advise: 1). Dress exactly like your dress code states for you too. Including pulling your hair back or just making sure your hair does not swing in your face. (she actually took old fashioned bobby pins and pinned mine back...so embarrassed..but... 2. Jump in and ask questions...anything...even if it sounds stupid..it probably is...they think we are stupid any way, but will let her know your interest. 3. Let her win...if you do something wrong, ask her to explain to you because "you are really really interested" (which we are anyway, but you know a little extra attention to your situation and concern for your situation...would help) 4. I could go on and on and on....but the best best thing I can tell you..is NEVER Let THEM SEE YOU SWEAT IT...Review your procedure if you have to perform in front of her, if you mess up, be interested enough to ask HER for help..but try try try try, to play the stress part off...be confident..if you need to cry...wait until she is out of your presence....not everyone is kind...good luck grl...
  2. GipsGrl


    I am 2nd semester RN student (waiting on final grades). I was wondering how other schools in Alabama incorporated HESI into grades. We have to pass HESI, no matter if you have straight A's if you fail HESI, you get booted with an F. This is a mandatory requirement at my school and was wondering if it the same at all Alabama schools. Thanks..Be Blessed:up:
  3. GipsGrl

    2nd Semester Finals

    Good Morning...has anyone in Alabama taken their final exam in Peds & Med Surg for 2nd semester? Maybe Calhoun?? Also, was Peds tough? Thanks, have a great day and B Blessed:up:
  4. GipsGrl

    I need six nursing diagnosis

    Hey, not sure if you used dememtia ( impaired cognitive ability) for the reason for self deficit: self feeding, but here goes Nursing Diag: Self deficit: self feeding R/T: Impaired cognitive ability Patient outcomes:(goals)1.) On 4/18/09@ 0900, Pt's family will demonstate positioning of pt for feedings to prevent aspiration 2.) On 4/18/09 @ 0900, Family members will verbalize s/s of aspiration. Nursing Rx: 1.)Student Nurse will teach family positioning of pt for feeding, at 0900, on 4/18/09. 2.) Student Nurse will teach family member s/s of aspiration Scientific rationales: should be able to find these easily in one of your books. Interventions: 1) Student Nurse educated family members on position of pt during feedings. 2) Student Nurse taught family member s/s of aspiration. GOALS: If family members showed up for teaching of position and aspiration, you would put GOALS met as evidence by attendence of meeting by family. If family didn't come to planned meeting, you would write Goals unmet due to family unavailable for meeting. Also, if they didn't come to meeting, you would need to go back on interventions and write Student Nurse available to teach (educate), on 4/18/09 @ 0900, then on goals you could reword and put unmet due to family not availabe. I hope this helps. I am not sure if we are on the same format, but this is our format, and I hope it helps..let me know and have a great day b blessed
  5. GipsGrl

    I need six nursing diagnosis

    This is great...thank you for posting..I know it wasn't for me..but thank you..b blessed
  6. GipsGrl

    Any study tips on Finals (comprehensive)

    Thanks so much for your time and sharing. I am a writer..not much of a reader for comprehension...soooo, Instead writing first I am gonna read like you said, then write, then maybe go back and listen, if I have time...thank you so much..b blessed:lol2:
  7. :bugeyes:I am 2nd semester of RN school. Grades started out very good. With care plans, simulation, and everything in between, my grades have dropped somewhat. I am terrified of the finals...lots and lots and lots of info to remember. Does any one have any study tips that you want to share? I record, listen to my lecture a second time, along with power points and book..some of the questions asked may be some where in that chapter, but not necessarily covered in lecture, but still the same...I am responsible for it..so just wondering if maybe someone may have another way that would help. Our next test in Peds covers 4 chapters and parts of other chapters..thank you and b blessed:yeah:
  8. GipsGrl

    LPNs in PA area

    Hi, this LPN deal must be everywhere. I have been an LPN since 1985, lost my job in the OR a year ago, in RN school now, but at 48..it's tough for me..so if you have the chance go to RN school..Have a great day & be blessed. I am from Alabama
  9. GipsGrl

    I need six nursing diagnosis

    Hi, do you have to do your care plan based on the nine needs? Do you have any other lab results? One that I can think of is Communication, Impaired: Verbal r/t- the progressive decline in cognitive function (which this is the def of dementia, but can't use the "word" dementia but can define it, because that is a medical diagnosis) AEB: slow response to verbal communication and commands. Hope this helps. Have a great day.
  10. GipsGrl

    How to face tomorrow

    Hi, I read your post and just wanted you to know that you ARE NOT alone. It's hard to be stong , when you are depended upon to be the strong one. I had thought about suggesting taking a few more days off, to sort things out. But after careful thought of your situation, which is a very devastating one, that will heal only with time...I would like to suggest that maybe you speak with your supervisior, or someone that you trust or feel comfortable talking with, and ask them to relay the message to your co workers, since they already know your were pregnant 1) what and ONLY what you want others to know about your situtaion 2) that you are feeling fine, but dealing with some very mixed emotions at this time & 3) not to be asking YOU, personally or otherwise, questions about what is going on..you can tell them in time, if and when you are ready to talk about it. 4) That you appreciate their concern, but for right now, you just need space. Maybe they could speak to your coworkers and ask them to just treat you as if it was a normal day and when you are ready to talk, you will. God Bless you and May God hold you and your family in the palms of HIS almight hands.
  11. hi, i feel your pain..you just wrote my story. i worked in the or 19 years and decided to go back to rn school. it has been tough for me, especially just basic plain ole fundamentals, but i have been out of lpn school since 1985. you can do it...i think the very very hardest part, wasn't catching up on skills, but like you said, being expected to know!!! and people not understanding that you are equal because you haven't done these things in so long, and being "a know it all". is your first semester doing the mobility courses? if so, after that first semester is when you will join the rn students. my advise is to try not to let them (other students, and some instructors won't really realize it, due to having to deal with so many students) know you are an lpn if at all possible and avoid being in the spotlight if at all possible..(trust me on that) we had to do a head to toe assessment. i went on you- tube and typed in "head to toe assessment" and watched the videos..wow...that helped me so much, because i had no clue since i was suppose to already know!! (& my my, things have changed since i worked on floor) there is also a web site that you can go to, to watch video on basic skills...you can do it!!! just remember you are there for you and what you need to accomplish and in the end, if there are are people who chose to "not be so nice", that 's ok..it's about what you need to do. i am not sure if i can put the web site on here or not, i am new to allnurses (and love it), so if you want me to send it to you..let me know and i will. good luck and go for it and don't looked back..you can do it..be blessed!!:) (ps: i still have 2 semesters to go)
  12. GipsGrl

    HELP!! solve math problem

    I think you are right..i can't wait to get my test results back to see..so it may be a few days/week before I see the results..but I will let ya'll know..thank you so much for your help. I think this was a " are you critical thinking or just plain ole thinking"...lol...thank you..
  13. GipsGrl

    HELP!! solve math problem

    I confirmed with a classmate that I copied the question correctly. The only answers I remember on the test was "no correct answer" & like answers in the 50's..One was 53. But any way I worked the promblem didn't come close to the answers I had to choose from...thank you..
  14. GipsGrl

    LPN to RN info

    Hey, has anyone tried any of the online courses available for LPN's? I am toward the end of my 2nd semester of RN school and was wondering about the online courses. Any info would be appreciated. Some questions: 1. Who would I need to contact at Alabama Board to find out what requirments are and process I need to follow? 2. Do you sign a contract? 3. Can you like take one course to see if that is where you are? 4. Will my classes already passed in RN school be accounted for? 5. I have also accumulated quiet a few clinical hours, would those hours count? 6. Cost? How long does it take? Just any information would be GREAT!! Have a great day:yeah:
  15. GipsGrl

    HELP!! solve math problem

    Yes, we are taught that way, as well..just hard not to use "cc" after 25 years I worked it like you did, as well..makes sense but other ways makes sense too. Seems if it is 150mg/ML and you would need to know how many mg are in a 50ml bag. Then calculate the problem BUT the first line of the problem says "calculate mg/hr"...what in the world am i missing here..lol..thanks for your time