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  1. thanks for the yahoo messenger chat
  2. yea me too...last friday, I enquired them and they told me sept program is close. There are only 5 slots left for oct 12...how about you? how come you apply for sept?
  3. Actually, there are 2 interviews; initial interview by HR and by the hospital which will offer us a placement or the HR herself for the second time. With regard to experience, as far I know, they need at least a year of experience but Farah24 did it even she had only 6 months experience...well just verify it for confirmation... you can apply here....http://www.ramsayjobs.com.au/overseas/iron.asp GOODLUCK
  4. Congratulations!!!You can always take your chances...example- 2 hours post-op knee surgery px with drain had hypotension and tachycardia--what will you do as a nurse? try to read this forum also https://allnurses.com/australian-nz-nurses/interview-questions-402792-page2.html#post3762921 Good luck to all of us and stay happy
  5. WOW..thats pretty amazing for Farrah24...you were able to get through without IELTS yet...congratulations and good luck for your IELTS....as for me, i am just waiting for my second interview at ramsay...interview includes personal question and a clinical scenario of your specialty..i think everyone can make it as long as you have a good phone system and can hear them clearly....does anyone here knows where we can make loans for nurses? hu hu hu!!!!
  6. ramiboy

    interview questions

    when was your interview done? they usually say to give you the result 3 weeks after.
  7. ramiboy

    interview questions

    goodluck for all of us then...i am waiting for my result as well. BTW you can pm me regarding this matter
  8. thank you...I was just thinking of the possible implication to anmc assessment for migration of NBV brdiging course graduate...but i think NBv registration is enough for migration application in another pathway though...
  9. thanks for that update chabeli...do you mind if I ask the webpage of that news?--I can't seem to find that one in their website..
  10. Its actually the good standing- you can request it direct from PRC (no NBV form needed) , and request them to send it out to NBV either by mail or courrier if your in a hurry....
  11. for those planning to go to victoria....IELTS requirement will be 7 in all component starting July 1, 2009 http://www.nbv.org.au/web/guest/overseas-language-requirements
  12. Hi Dudzy...thanks for that one...by the way, did you enquire also the working privilege of 456 visa..i didnt understand the highly specialized and non-ongoing...whats the example of it?...can you please enlighten me? sorry for so much queries...
  13. wow..thats good to know..thank you for the information mate...
  14. victoria..and I am referring to 3 months bridging course...thanks for your quick reply-your great!!!