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  1. kate930

    Anyone fail with just 85 questions?????????

    Thank you all for the kind words and the congrats! I wish all of you who are waiting for results or waiting to test, the absolute best!!!! Well, this means on Monday I will be job searching and sending in my application for EC!! I'm so nervous about going out looking for a job. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'd really like a M/S job 2 to 3 shifts a week (12's). kate930, LPN
  2. kate930

    Anyone fail with just 85 questions?????????

    i Passed!!!!!!!!!
  3. kate930

    Anyone fail with just 85 questions?????????

    Thanks for replying. It is hard not to get fixated on the number though!!!! I didn't think that I'd be able to check since the letter I received from Pearson-Vue said that I'd be able to get results in Two Business Days. However, I will try!!!
  4. Anyone know of someone who failed with only 5 questions???? I took my exam today. Holy cow! I do not feel like I was prepared, but the computer shut off at 85 questions. I wasn't even thinking when I scheduled my exam for a Thursday... the two wait will be until Monday for me. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!
  5. kate930

    Preterm Labor: Magnesium Sulfate vs. Nifedipine

    I went into preterm with triplets at 22 weeks. They were able to stop my labor with Mag, and the decided to try a switch to Nifedipine. Because the contractions had stopped with the Mag, the Nifedipine kept them from restarting for a couple more weeks. Then they tried Terbutaline. Finally after the Terbutaline stopped working, they switched me back to Mag. From what I understand (and it's been 4 1/2 years since this happened), I think they consider Mag to be the big guns and the Nifedipine to just be the pea-shooter. I think they just use what they need to until things require a stronger or weaker med. We were able to hold off delivery until 27 weeks 6 days. Good luck! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you two!
  6. kate930

    I did something stupid... no, embarrassing and stupid

    I believe they are mostly members of the Kingman family. (or something close to that)O
  7. kate930

    Excelsior students in KC?

    I graduate LPN school in 52 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, I'm seriously considering going the Excelsior route now that Kansas SBN has made a "friendlier" ruling on Excelsior students. So, anyhow..... I'm interested in seeing if there is a Kansas City Excelsior study group or if there are any EC students from KC interested in starting one. Let me know.... cause I want to keep moving while I got the studying momentum!
  8. What is the admissions process like for Excelsior? Time frame, etc. Just curious if anyone has heard of someone, who's an LPN, NOT getting into Excelsior.
  9. I might have missed the latest discussion, and I remember that KSBN was supposed to discuss Excelsior in their March meeting. Any news?
  10. I gave birth at Tripler Army Medical Center in 1990. Sadly, everyone calls it Crippler. Having had two other births at two other hospitals, I would say, without hesitation, the medical and nursing care was substandard, and I would never have another baby there. Nor would I go there for any other kind of treatment. I have heard numerous horror stories over the years about Tripler (thankfully, none as bad as this one).
  11. I've seen the advertisement on here for The College Network for those who want to go LPN to RN. Whenever I click on the link, I get a info form so they can contact me if I have questions. I'd prefer not to give out my personal info to College Network until I know more. Anyone have any info or experience with them? Thanks!
  12. kate930

    Share you Deaconess Experiences!

    Any one care for some dip????? :-) I am actively looking into going the Deaconess route, and really appreciate everyone's input. Anyone have any suggestions on how they secured their clinical site?
  13. kate930

    New NCLEX Format

    I graduate in May and know that there is a new format for the NCLEX that will be started in April of this year. Has anyone found good study guides/courses that are specifically designed for the new format? We are at a loss. We have not had any help in starting to focus in this direction, nor have we started testing in the new format way. We're really concerned and would like to be prepared when we graduate in May. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
  14. Has anyone who's going from LPN to RN taken Deaconess' Preadmission Validation Exam? Just curious how difficult it is and what it's like. Thanks! :)
  15. kate930

    Share you Deaconess Experiences!

    I really appreciate EVERYONE'S input on this topic (even the EC input). My biggest reason for turning to Deaconess is the problems that Kansas is now having with EC and not being able to take the boards. I live on the Kansas-Missouri state line (about 3 miles from the KS line), so having the ability to practice in both Missouri and Kansas are important to me. I have heard good things from those who've went the EC route, however I am concerned about what other states might follow Kansas. I would hate to invest time and money and have the floor drop out on me. Back to Deaconess questions.... What is the clinical week like? I think I also heard something about needing to find a local site that would allow me to do clinicals..... anyone know anything about this? St. Louis is only about a 4 hours drive for me, so it's no issue to make the trip each semester. Thanks to all of you! :)
  16. I've started looking into the Deaconess route for the LPN to RN program. I'd appreciate it if anyone would share their experiences (good and bad) with Deaconess, even if you decided not to enroll... and why. What was the typical wait list like? Thanks!