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    El Centro/ Northlake Nursing Spring 2014

    my class is @8am and ms G is my teacher
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    El Centro/ Northlake Nursing Spring 2014

    Hi AKing21...I'm taking HPRS 1204
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    El Centro/ Northlake Nursing Spring 2014

    @jetergirl...i got your email and with my current hesi score i have a total of 27pts. I have another test scheduled for august so if i get 12pts on it then i will max out at 32pts!
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    El Centro/ Northlake Nursing Spring 2014

    LOL jetergirl...i still did not receive it yet....my email is karma1girl@yahoo.com I'll check again tomorrow night. My HPRS class at el centro started today so i went to the office to see if they had a print out of the updated info and of course they didn't.
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    El Centro/ Northlake Nursing Spring 2014

    hey jetergirl, can you send it again, i just checked my email and it's not there....i checked the spam also. thanks
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    El Centro/ Northlake Nursing Spring 2014

    hey jetergirl....i emailed you last night, can you send me a copy of the new point system? with the old one i had a total of 24...40 seems so far away now.
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    El Centro/ Northlake Nursing Spring 2014

    I'm also applying for the Spring semester....I can't wait until October 31 when we get our acceptance letters!!!
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    Trinity Valley ADN 2012 Applicants

    the application deadline has passed so now the waiting game begins. all 2012 applicants please chime in with your status and which location you chose (athens or kaufman). we have a long wait ahead of us so lets keep in touch for moral support!! i'll start it off.... 11 points no current classes my location of choice is kaufman
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    El centro nursing program fall 2012??

    @boomertx...I know of another school that is changing their point system also. I do believe that they all will make that change. I also agree that they should give more of an advance notice for the next applying group. I went to the info session at ECC and I was surprised to hear the new changes. But I do understand why they are pushing for BSN nurses. I have a friend who graduated from ECC last December. She just got hired as an ADN nurse but they gave her a timeline for her to get her BSN in order for her to keep her job. Good luck to us all!!!
  10. Congratulations Faith2012 I'm glad u got in. I'll be right behind you...I can't wait!!!!
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    Trinity Valley ADN 2012 Applicants

    @ cword31...I understand how you feel. When I first started this process I had made up my mind to drive an hour each way if I had to. But hopefully I will only have about a 30 min drive. Do you know anybody else who has applied? Maybe yall can carpool.
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    Trinity Valley ADN 2012 Applicants

    @ cword31, I sure hope 11pts will be enough. If they do like they did last year then we should hopefully here something around late March early April !
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    Trinity Valley ADN 2012 Applicants

    Wow that's great Faith!! Hopefully we will see each other there...I wonder how many applicants they had this year?
  14. Hello everyone, I am currently taking prereqs for ADN at Mountain Veiw College in Dallas Texas. Lately I've been thinking ahead about the possibility of not being accepted the first time I apply. I would like to have a backup plan just in case that does happen. So I firgure why not get my CNA liscense also. The thing is that I need a program that offers classes on the weekends so I can still take my RN classes through the week. I get financial aid but I'm williing to pay for my CNA out of pocket. If anybody know of any good programs...even online please let me know. Thanks in advance
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    What do you guys do to wake up in the morning?

    I have 3 alarms that are set 10 mins apart...2 to actually start moving around in the bed and the 3rd one is on the dresser which force me to acctually get up. By that time the Community Coffee is already brewing (timer). Then I shower with some really great music. The music really helps. Then I get my coffee and irish cream with 2 splendas and I'm good to go!
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    What happened!!!!!

    At my school they also use a point system. They don't use the gpa for acceptance, they only look at it for the points. They look at the classes that will get us the points needed. The total max points we can get is 13. For example, If I have a gpa of 3.6 with a max points of 12 and someone else has a gpa of 4.0 with a max points of 11 then they would take me over them. And if someone else has max points of 13 with a gps of 2.5 (which is minimum for the program), then they would choose them over me. We get our points for having completed ALL the pre-reqs needed to apply. You might want to check and see if there is something that you didn't complete pertaining to the points. 2 pts for having a gpa of 3.5 or higher 2 pts for making an "A" in A&P I on your frist attempt 1 pt for A&P II 1 pt for having a gpa of 2.5-3.4 1 pt for doing pre-reqs at their school 1 pt for any honors class 1 pt for fine arts or a foreign language 1 pt for micro bio 1 pt for psyc I 1 pt for psyc II 1 pt for english "for a max total of 13 points"
  17. In order to do pre-reqs in a year most people will do a full load of classes for the fall and spring semesters and take additional classes through the summer. At my school we can take up to four classes in the summer. As for applying and getting accepted, that depends on the particular school that you are applying to. Age and experience doesn't count when applying. Some schools will look at only the gpa of the pre-reqs pertaining to their program and others will take into account the gpa of ALL the classes that you haven taken so far. Where I live there are several schools to apply to but each one has it's own requirements. If I were you I would look into all of the available schools then compare the requirements and see which one you can do the fastest. In some cases the pre-reqs will overlap which will let you be able to apply to more than one school at a time. And also be sure to check the applicationn periods. It's very important to know how many application periods each school has and see what classes you will need in order to get into the very next group of applicants....it could mean the difference between a 6-12 month wait. Good Luck!
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    Dinner ideas for busy class nights!!

    I like those Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, you can find them on the soup isle at wally world. They don't need refrigeration so you can throw it in your bag for later. They only take 3 min in the microwave. That with a bottle of water with a Special K protien mix added to it should get the job done.
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    A & P 1 -- Fall 2010

    Hi there all...I also will be taking A&P 1 this Fall @ DCCCD...along w/ Spanish I (the first of 3 so I can fully learn the language by the time I apply...living in Dallas it's a must!) and Med Terminology and Nutrition. I think this will be a nice size load for me :)
  20. Thanks for the info Prettyladie...I just called MV and they said I can take the CNA course along with my other courses...things are looking up!!!thanks again
  21. Thanks it does help...but if I apply for the continuing ed class will they let me take it along with my other courses. I ran into a problem when I registered for my Fall classes last week...the classes I wanted made my course load total 18 credits so I was told to drop a class so now I have 15 credits.
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    Anyone applying for dcccd nursing schools for spring'10???

    Hi I'm currently doing my prereqs and support courses at Eastfield. I'll have to transfer to Brookhaven in Spring of '10 to finish some of the support courses b/c Eastfield does'nt offer them. I will be applying to the Brookhaven/Mountain Veiw program for the Fall of '10...good luck to you!!!!
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    Brookhaven/Mountain View Fall 2009

    Thanks a bunch Dallas. I will be going to the next info session at BH/MV on June 16th. Now I can better manage my classes and space them out in order to get good grades since I now know that I NEED the support courses to get my points. Good luck at MV!!
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    Who is taking A&P I in the fall?

    LOL that's too funny but I feel you 100%. I'll be taking it in the Fall
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    Brookhaven/Mountain View Fall 2009

    Hi, I was reading some of the posts and I'm a little confused...some posts are saying something about support courses? Right now I'm taking my prereqs at Eastfield and I will be finished by the end of Fall '09 and plan to apply to Brookhaven. I thought that you can apply when you finished your prereqs? Should I take some support course during the Spring and Summer while I wait for a response to my application? I can't take any before b/c that will push me back a whole semester!! I will call an advisor next week...I can't call now b/c they are busy registering for maymester and summer. Thanks for any help you can give me.