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  1. Matt,RN

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    There is no "attitude" here. Im not sure how you are getting attitude out of my posts. I was simply stating facts and my opinion. And I happen to be at the top of my class. As far as experience, sure, I dont have 20 years under my belt, but I have been an EMT for 6 years now. Also, if you read the rest of the conversation/posts, you will see where I clarified some things in my previous posts.
  2. Matt,RN

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    A new grad RN with years of EMT experience. Thats what I was implying.
  3. Matt,RN

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    And GilaRN, please do not think that im comparing a new grad RN/Paramedic to an experienced/seasoned Paramedic. A seasoned Paramedic will always have a higher level of knowledge over new grads. I was simply comparing new grad to new grad. And I realize that Paramedic School provides ride-outs and such prior to graduation, so an RN would NOT have this experience. I was simply comparing medical knowledge, definitely not experience. Im really not trying to stir the pot or anything. Like I said, once I finish RN school, I want to finish the Paramedic internship and get my EMT-P license. I wish to be a Flight RN/EMT-P as well. I only wrote on this dumb thread to clarify what I knew and be clarified myself for the things I did not know about it. I apologize if I offended anyone. - Except the sarcasm thing by certain people, just rude.....why not have an adult conversation with me and explain what you know?
  4. Matt,RN

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    Oh please, I never claimed to be high and mighty, and I never said that I had any AUTHORITY whatsoever. I simply stated that, in California, RNs are the medical authority over paramedics. Simple as that. I know how California works and have researched the reciprocity details and information about other states. Now, if you would calm down and read what I actually wrote, you will see that I did not place California above all of the other states, only some, as statistics show. I never claimed to be an expert on other states, I clearly stated that I only knew about California, and I do know what I am talking about when it comes to my area of the world. I wouldn't expect you to though unless you lived here.
  5. Matt,RN

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    Also, to whomever it may concern, the California EMSA requirements for an RN to become a Paramedic simply requires a confirmation in skills and a 40 ALS Patient Contact internship. It takes more for a Paramedic to become a RN.
  6. Matt,RN

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    I understand what the CCRN credential entails and how it can be obtained by gaining experience working in the ICU or the ER for certain amount of time along with an exam to pass. I feel that it does prepare the RN for the more critical patients that may be encountered in the field. And that is good to hear that the Paramedic has extended scopes/specialties, but I believe that they are still limited. Also, just to mention, I will be getting my Paramedic after I achieve RN. I have conducted much research in these concepts as far as California goes. I respect your feelings and the workings of your state however.
  7. Matt,RN

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    I never made any assumptions about National Standards. Even EMT-Basics know of differences between states and regions. Also, I never denied that Paramedics are licensed professionals just as RNs and they should be treated as such. But, as I lack the energy to continue this conversation, I will simply say that I disagree when it comes to RNs within the state of California. RNs within California are the medical authority over Paramedics.
  8. Matt,RN

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    Might I just add one more thing. Also, with ambulance companies, which I have many years of experience with, if a patient needs a higher level of care, the MD requires an RN, if the patient is not as critical as to need an RN, a Paramedic is requested. RNs can also extend their scope and licensure to the field as MICNs, CCRNs, as well as others. These specialties prepare RNs even more for what they face in the field. Some companies may request these credentials and others do not. I am unaware of an expanded scope of practice for Paramedics like they have for RNs in California.
  9. Matt,RN

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    And that is precisely why California RNs have higher reciprocity than those of other states. Other states may require additional schooling, testing, or licensure, but an ADN RN from California is able to work in a much more broad region than RNs from other states. AND there are other states that have the same as California RNs. To my knowledge, California and some other states have the highest standard of Nursing. I do indeed believe that having as many years of EMT experience as I have and getting my RN does surpass the expertise of most Paramedics that I know, not to mention the higher medical authority. Bottom line is, there are two different territories, the field and the hospital, and each has their own specialty, but the RN is the higher medical authority, at least California RNs are and they are held to the highest standard, along with a few other states.
  10. Matt,RN

    Flight Nurse vs Flight Paramedic

    Ok, but technically speaking, the training of an RN is at a higher level than a paramedic when it comes to medications, procedures, and protocol. I would expect and RN and an EMT-P to work together as a team, each just as valuable as the other, just like other medical teams do or should, RNs and CNAs and EMT-Ps and EMT-Bs. RNs, despite them both of them having associates degrees, have a higher medical authority, thats just how it works. Lets not kid ourselves. Also, with as much experience as I have in the field, and now becoming an RN, I would say that I have about the same expertise as a Paramedic....and once I graduate, I will have a higher medical authority as well. Look, im not trying to upset anyone, and if you knew me, you would know how much of a team player I am and how I treat EVERYONE in the medical team equally and value their expertise specifically and their help, for that matter. But, just as I acknowledge a NP, PA, and MD as higher medical authorities, RNs are higher medical authorities over Paramedics. Just my two cents. Now, please do not get me wrong. I have met nurses that I have had more experience than, and more common sense too, as an EMT-B. But RNs should not be held to a stereotype of not having field experience just as Paramedics should not be held to a stereotype of an RN being "better" than them. Its just not true. Just because someone is a RN and another person is a Paramedic, that does not make one "better" than the other, but unfortunately, even if the RN lacks common sense, skill, and everything else, the RN is still the higher medical authority. Yes, most RNs focus more on in-hospital/medical facility, but others dedicate their entire lives to working in the field and in undesirable environments.....as I will be doing and have already done. A Paramedic/Nurse Flight Team is invaluable and should be treated as such, but technically speaking, the RN has a higher medical authority and training. I hope this doesnt anger anyone, I'm just telling it how I know it to be in Cali. I have many years of experience in the medical field, as an EMT-Basic, a medical assistant, an emergency dispatcher, and now an RN.
  11. Matt,RN

    What is the Craziest Nursing Story You Have?

    As a student nurse we are told that there are many things, i.e. injections, foley insertions, NG tubes, etc., that we probably will not get the chance to do on a actual patient, so therefore, we must try to "grab" the chance whenever we can.....well apparently I "grabbed" the wrong one.... I overheard a doctor talking to an obvious busy nurse (as she had multiple items in her hand and stood there red faced and sweating), asking the nurse to get a stat urine specimen via straight cath on a patient prior to his transport to another facility. I asked the nurse if I could help her out with this and she gratefully agreed. I quickly got my instructor, proud to be able to show off my mad skills, gathered the supplies, and entered the patient's room. All started fine until we realized just how combative this dementia patient was going to be...apparently he doesnt like it when someone removes his diaper and grabs at his private parts.....hmmmm, go figure.... With the CNA holding one arm, my instructor holding the other arm, me laying on top of the patients legs, trying to maintain my "sterile field", and inserting the catheter, all wasnt going as perfect as I had planned. As the patient tried to repeatedly bite my instructor (which I found slightly amusing) and punch the CNA, my instructor gave me instruction just to "get it in quickly"......so I did. My sterile field was a mess and it wasnt the best working environment (haha, never is), but I managed to keep the cath sterile until its insertion.... We also had to restrain the patient until the bag filled.....this was a joy.... Anyways, with this all said and done, and an interesting experience under my belt, I returned to the RN and the MD stating that I had gotten the specimen....to my continued surprise, the doctor rushed around the nurses station, jumped for joy, and proceeded to give me a high-five and congratulate me on a job well done.....I smiled, high-fived the doctor (being even more proud of myself), and returned to apologizing to my instructor for what I had gotten her into/volunteered us for.... :-D
  12. Matt,RN

    cali corecrtional nursing agency

    I really have no important information from you, I just wanted to say that one of my instructors is a NP for the Orange County Jail. I am really not sure how you would get a job doing this but I can ask her when I see her next and try to get back to you.....of course, we dont start again until late August.....so like I said, this post may not be at all helpful to you but Ill do what I can. :-)
  13. Matt,RN

    HELP!!! Considering Nursing.....Need your advise

    I can understand your uneasiness about going into this career with all of the negative things you have heard. But with concerns about no jobs and getting stuck somwhere you dont want to be, I will tell you that Nursing is such a great career because it has so much variety. There are so many different jobs you can do as a nurse and find your proper place. There are jobs where you can have just 1 patient to worry about or 5 patients to worry about, with number in between depending on the floor. You can work in a fast paced environment or a much slower paced environment. There is just a great amount of choice in Nursing. You can work with patients or choose a position as an RN scientist or something along those lines and not really have to deal with patients at all. I believe Nursing to be a great field and one that I know that I will not get tired of any time soon just because of the choices I have in it. But you need to follow whats right for you. I think its great that you are going to shadow a nurse. Get as much information out of it as you can. Yes, its a ton of work, but you get paid decently and you have so much to choose from. Every job has its scary side....you gotta look at the positive as well. Good luck in all you do! -Matt
  14. Matt,RN

    I'm Lazy

    My question is that if you didnt enjoy the prereqs, is nursing something you really want to do? If yes, great! I was told by a 2 instructors that "maybe nursing just isnt for me"....but this was prior to the program and I am doing great in it now! So :-P to them. Anyways, Im no expert on ADD and all of that but I can tell you that procrastination does not work well in nursing school. I was a procrastinator. Procrastination and cramming is almost impossible because of the workload. But it seems to me that if you find the material interesting, you have no problem learning it....thats why I ask if nursing is for you. You may find that you really enjoy nursing once you are in the program and that you have no problem with this. But you gotta expect a lot of work and a lot of practical application. If youre passionate about it, I wouldnt worry. Good luck in all you do and hope to see ya on the front lines one day! -Matt
  15. Matt,RN

    Accepted for Fall '09 Advice Needed!!

    Jasmine, Usually, the RN/ADN programs do not even allow you to be put on the waiting lists until your pre-reqs are complete. Have you completed Anatomy, Phsiology, or Microbiology??? I cannot see you bein able to take these classes along with the nursing program. The whole purpose of pre-reqs anyway is that they are required to be taken BEFORE the program, so I dont know how you got accepted. I would definitely talk to an advisor or someone in the program about this. I am ending my first semester as an RN student, so if there is anything else I can help you with, let me know. Take care and best of luck! -Matt
  16. Matt,RN

    most difficult part of nursing school?

    Care Plans - I would say that they really arent difficult as long as you listen to the instructors points and change your technique according to that, then you should be fine. Pleasing the Instructors/Stroking their ego - Stay in good with the instructors. By all means, ask questions, but do not challenge them or their authority, and trust me, this is easier to do that than you think and you will see this if you choose to go this route. At times, you need to just smile and nod along with dotting your "i's" and crossing your "t's". It shouldnt be a problem as long as you are doing what youre supposed to do, BUT there are times, aside from when something or someone is in danger of course, when you need to just keep your mouth shut and let whatever it is go. :-) Personal Life - You will have none. I mean its not impossible, but it all depends on what grade you want, and keeping above that minimum grade to pass is more difficult than people may think also. Im doing well myself but yea, no life here. Material/Subjects - Lastly I would say theory lectures might be a problem, depending on what interests you and what does not. Lectures may get pretty boring....I might suggest recording it and listening to it later, BUT I cant guarantee you will be any more interested in it later. ;-) Obviously, it is going to be different between schools and instructors, but this is what I found in my program. Overall, despite these issues, I have found more good in the program and my chosen path than anything else. It is definitely worth it for someone dedicated to helping people in any and every way. Just keep in mind, for some patients, you will need to do EVERYTHING for them, so its not always a glorious, well-paying job....but I love it! Let me know if I can help with any other questions! Take care and good luck in all you do! -Matt