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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so glad to have found this post. I have hope. I feel like I am such a crybaby-I cried after the second time orienting on nights. I have been stressed and the unit that I am orienting on is overworked and understaffed. So, yeah, I don't think I got the appropriate orientation on the day shift. I just finished my first week on the nights orientation and it was terrible. They expect me to know everything and they complain about each other behind each others' backs. A few of the nurses gave encouragement and said that a lot of the nurses that ate the young were gotten rid of. Hmm. That might be encouraging. There are a few still around. It was hard to go back and I can relate w/how even the PSAs and clerks treat new nurses. I did not even get all my passwords to all the programs so I do not have experience ordering labs and simple things on the computer. A couple of the nicer nurses came to give me encouragement-unfortunately they are all working days. They said they were in the same situation when they started out and they survived and said I can too. I hope I can survive the treatment. I am emotional and need to be more outspoken. I need to not take things personally. I chose to be a nurse and I want to be a good nurse. I also do not want to get caught up in the bickering and talking behind backs that I see. I have 3 school-aged children and a very supportive husband who works days now. He worked nights while I was in nursing school so it's my turn. He was able to handle nights, I can too. I hope. I suppose there are the same types of people in other depts and fields so I can handle it here. I finished the BS nursing and passed the NCLEX. :) Thanks for the encouragement.
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    Took NCLEX @ 8AM.. ALL 265!

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    Took NCLEX @ 8AM.. ALL 265!

    Yes, finally a little after 3pm I checked the BON website & I PASSED! Whew! was worried for 4 days! Thanks!
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    Took NCLEX @ 8AM.. ALL 265!

    I took the RN test for the first time on Monday and have been so worried. I think I am almost the last student from my cohort to take it. I just know that I got over 80 questions and don't know how many more I had after my first break. The exam cut off about 40 min after the 2 hr break! I tried the pop up and according to the instructions, I may have passed but it's been 4 days! I just pray that I will be able to handle whatever news I get fr the BON. Good luck to all!:)