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Ellen Grover has 15 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in hospital, clinical, and educational settings.

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  1. Nursing Shortages Past and Present

    Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience. I believe there are many ways we should be valued as nurses. I agree that is what will ultimately will keep people and draw them to the profession.
  2. Nursing Shortages Past and Present

    Nursing shortages are almost as old as nursing itself. If we look back to the beginning of modern nursing over one hundred and fifty years ago, we find varying technological and economical reasons that the demand for nurses has often been higher than...
  3. Unique Benefits of Exercise

    Thanks for commenting. Great job putting in the effort and prioritizing yourself! I hope you continue and reap the benefits.
  4. Unique Benefits of Exercise

    Thanks for responding. I agree that finding the time and energy to exercise can definitely be challenging, especially at different stages of our lives.
  5. Unique Benefits of Exercise

    We all hear about the benefits of exercise, and for many of us as nurses, it is part of our job to encourage patients to stay active. All people are different, and therefore they all have different motivating factors. Some people might desire the m...
  6. It's finally time to put all the skills you have learned in nursing school into practice - with real patients! Your first few clinicals can be exciting but also overwhelming. As a nursing instructor I love to see the energy that new students bring to...
  7. Virtual ATI instructor

    Has anyone worked as a virtual ATI instructor? Just wondering how the time commitment/pay is for this position. I am considering applying.
  8. In search of simple education printouts in English/Spanish

    The Novo Nordisk website has great 1-sheet educational materials that you can download and print in both English and Spanish. I use them frequently in the clinic where I work. https://www.novomedlink.com
  9. Need help with research

    I do have IRB approval for the study. I have posted it to a few more forums with some success. I think my criteria does make it difficult to find participants, but I do not think I can change that now.
  10. Need help with research

    Hey everyone, I am in the middle of my research project for nursing school and am having a difficult time finding people to take my online survey. The people I am trying to target are women who: had a baby within the last six months, smoked cigarette...