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Wendy Leebov Ed.D. has 20 years experience.

Wendy Leebov provides high-impact consulting services, supporting healthcare organizations with culture change strategies, training and tools for enhancing the patient and employee experience.

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  1. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    Nursing Communication: How to Make Sure Patients Feel Our Caring

    That's great! I have found that reminders really help in staying focused on implementing new skills. Wishing you success, Wendy
  2. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    Nursing Communication: How to Make Sure Patients Feel Our Caring

    Terrific! I'm so glad it struck a chord with you. The kids will certainly benefit and you will hopefully feel more connected and better about your job. I want my grandkids to have YOU as their school nurse! Wendy
  3. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    Nursing Communication: How to Make Sure Patients Feel Our Caring

    I'm so glad to hear that you liked the article on presence and want to circulate it. I'm working with two assisted living facilities and nursing homes right now and see how critical presence is in connecting to residents heart-to-heart.... so they fe...
  4. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    Nursing Communication: How to Make Sure Patients Feel Our Caring

    I am thrilled the advice was helpful. I know that learning to be PRESENT has made a big difference in my work and my relationships outside of work… If you try some of the skills mentioned in my first posting and have any questions or want additional ...
  5. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.


    This is so sad when a person dedicated over so many years reaches such burnout. Is't there some other nursing position in your organization where you have a chance for more of a relationships witgh patients, like dialysis or outpatient? After so ma...
  6. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    empathy vs sympathy

    I teach caring communication skills and here's my view. Sympathy means you feel for the person. If they feel bad, you feel bad for them. EMpathy means you recognize and acknolwedge what they're feeling. It remains their feeling, not yours. It's m...
  7. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    Candid Conversations With Families

    What a wonderful article. Thanks so much for taking the time to write it and share it. Families go through so much, and one of the gifts we can give is to help them keep on living, breathing and laughing during their distress! You said that so wel...
  8. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    The Passing of "Mrs. Jones" and How She Changed My Life

    Thanks so much for taking the time and care to write this. You sounds so thoughtful about your work and so caring. That's an inspiration to me. Wendy Leebov
  9. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    The Human Touch

    I really appreciate your sharing this experience. It took a lot of guts. It sounds like you are very caring and open to learning even from painful experiences. That's an inspiration to me. Wendy Leebov
  10. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    Just Another Code

    This is a very powerful stroy. I really appreciate your sharing it. It reconnects me to what this sacred work is really about. Wendy Leebov
  11. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    The Patients Who Break Your Heart

    Thanks for sharing this. I was very moved by your words. I don't work directly with patients, but I work directly with nurses, and you have helped me understand more about their experience. Wendy Leebov
  12. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    Warning Nurses! Holding It All In Can Kill You!

    This is a GREAT article. I really appreciate your writing it. I'm going to share it with a lot of nruses who are stressed that trhey want to QUIT... and it would be a shame. Wendy Leebov
  13. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    New Supervisory. Why?

    This really gave me a glimspe into your world... and your residents were so ucky to have you. Thanks for sharing it. Wendy Leebov
  14. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    Hands of Love

    Wow, thanks for sharing this story. You have so much compassion, and so much to give. She was so lucky to be a party to your healing hands and heart. Wendy Leebov
  15. Wendy Leebov Ed.D.

    Never Assume

    That's quite a story. I love your conclusion, "Never assume." It's so true that when we act from a preconceived notion, we close ourselves off from opportunities to learn. Thanks for sharing this. Wendy Leebov