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  1. lindzspang

    NEED HELP!! New Excelsior Student

    Hi lindsey4, I am also from MN and decided to do the Excelsior program. I can't wait o get my first test done so I know what to expect. I do need to do some generals also.
  2. lindzspang

    How useful are the recommended text books?

    I was also going to ask this question. I do need to take some general education courses also. Does anyone have any good resources to cheaper textbooks? I have looked on Ebay, Amazon, half.com, any other websites would be helpful!!! Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. About 2 days ago I was ready to sign up with RUE for my RN, luckily I found this website and have now been researching for the last few days about Excelsior. I find Excelsiors website to be very confusing. I was given a print out for the cost from RUE for example for English comp, my fee for RUE is $425 then I also would have to pay $335 to Excelsior for fees. Are you saying I would only have to pay the $335? But then I would have to find my own study guides or text books? If that is the case thank god I found this site I will save about $5000. Does that Fee to Excelsior also include the exam fee? Thanks for any info this is a huge decsion for me and now I am even more confused. Thanks