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Cost of Excelsior compared to RUE


Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum. About 2 days ago I was ready to sign up with RUE for my RN, luckily I found this website and have now been researching for the last few days about Excelsior. I find Excelsiors website to be very confusing. I was given a print out for the cost from RUE for example for English comp, my fee for RUE is $425 then I also would have to pay $335 to Excelsior for fees. Are you saying I would only have to pay the $335? But then I would have to find my own study guides or text books? If that is the case thank god I found this site I will save about $5000. Does that Fee to Excelsior also include the exam fee? Thanks for any info this is a huge decsion for me and now I am even more confused.


Rue has NOTHING to do with Excelsior. NO AFFILIATION. They pubish study guides only but God forbid you need to cancel your contract with them - they will sue you.

ALL of their costs are IN ADDITION to what you pay Excelsior.

Oh, the fee to Excelsior includes the exam fee. There are practice exams that cost $65 I think and are worth every penny. You can download your study guides from Excelsior for free. Texts you buy and they tell you which ones.

You can also join yahoo groups and find helpful free study materials. You can also buy additional study aides and other helpful items from ebay or amazon. If you contact the school, they are actually very helpful and can further clarify.

As far as study materials for the various exams go, you can buy the suggested textbooks from the Excelsior College bookstore or any other bookstore. You can find a list of the suggested texts in the study guide for the first exam, which you will be allowed to download without being enrolled. You can also get study materials on ebay at Excelsior College. There you can buy study guides from mystudygroup101, Lisa Arends, and others. You can also find used College Network, Chancellors, and Rue study guides on ebay at a fraction of the cost that you would pay to the individual publishing companies. You can also find study materials in the files sections of the various Excelsior College nursing groups on Yahoo. It is up to you as far as study materials go. You can get as many or as few of them as you feel comfortable with. Lots of people say they do well on the exams using only one or two sources. The EC website gets easier to figure out the more you work with it. Be sure to sign up for your own account, believe you have to be enrolled first, then go to the publications page. You should then download a copy of the Nursing School catalog as well as the study guides for the exam(s) you will be taking first. You can take the first exam prior to enrolling (to see what it is like). If you are an LPN, the second exam is most likely waived for you. You have to be enrolled before you can take the third exam and above. Don't go with any of the publishing companies, instead buy their study guides (if you want) for a small price on ebay. Good luck.

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