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    medicine through art. line

  2. JazzyNursie87

    medicine through art. line

    Hi everyone, I'm doing this Essentials of Critical Care Orientation through AACN. I'm orienting to the MCICU, and I was reading up on arterial catheters which we use very often. This may seem like a crazy question, but does anyone know what would happen if medicine were inadvertantly given through an arterial line? The lesson that I'm reading just says not to do it...but doesn't tell me why? I'm guessing that the medicine could go to parts of the body where it didn't need to be before being metabolized...since arteries take blood away from the heart? I've looked for an answer but can't find one. Does anyone know? Thanks!! :wink2:
  3. JazzyNursie87

    Do Nurses have to do the following??

    Oftentimes, yes. We usually get another nurse or some techs to help in our unit...depending on the patient's size. Poop really isn't that bad...and I'm lucky that I hvaen't really dealt with a vomiting patient yet...due to the fact that I hate vomit.
  4. JazzyNursie87

    My Needlestick, I'm crazy!

    I think it is very wise to contact occupational health/your manager.
  5. JazzyNursie87

    How much did you earn your first year?

    I've been a nurse for two months and have started out making 24.69 (+ night and weekend diff.) per hour in the ICU. That evens out to about 42,000-45,000 per year.
  6. JazzyNursie87

    Questions for a new nurse

    1. I'm a newly Registered Nurse, and I work in a Medical/Cardiac ICU in a teaching/university hospital. 2. 2 months 3. In general, to keep the patient safe and do what I can to aide them in returning to wellness. I deal with patients on ventilators a lot. We have to have special training to deal with CABG patients, but we have alot of post-MIs. There is a trauma/surgical/burn ICU..who deals with people that are broken and have cuts, etc..but are usually pretty healthy otherwise. There is a neuroscience ICU who deals with head injuries...and there's us...we are the ones that pretty much get everything else. 4. I think I have to have 30 CNE's in two years...or something like that. 5. Be assertive with your new nursing career. There is a good chance that a career won't be handed to you on a silver platter, even though nurses are in high-demand. I had to call the director and ask for an interview...and I'm more than happy that I did. Also, realize that it's okay to be scared and feel like you don't know everything. The learning starts when you get on your unit...nursing school just gave us a good foundation for the future. 6. The NCLEX was incredibly stressful. There is so much pressure. 7. Honestly, family and friends have been there throughout. That has been the best help for me.
  7. JazzyNursie87

    Took NCLEX today, shut off at 75.....

    Relax!! I know...easier said than done. I bet you passed!
  8. JazzyNursie87

    ICU nurse to pt ratio "norm" on your unit?

    Our norm is 1 RN: 2 patients. Sometimes we have a 1:1 (a really critical, difficult patient or IABP, post-CABG, etc.). It's rarely 1:3...and if you have three patients they are SAC patients.
  9. JazzyNursie87

    How high have you titrated levophed?

    As far as I know, 20mcg/min is the max. If you need another pressor after that, then thats fine. The highest I've titrated has been 16mcg.
  10. JazzyNursie87

    NMSU / DABCC - Opinions

    I graduated from NMSU nursing school this past December. I thought it was a little unorganized at times, but I feel like they taught me what i needed to know. We have a 96% pass rate on the NCLEX...so I guess they are doing something right! I passed after 75 questions. The ultimate goal was to pass the NCLEX and have the foundations to become a great nurse..and I feel like they allowed me to do that although me and a lot of my classmates griped throughout nursing school. I'm not sure about DABCC. I know the community reputation is bad. I've heard they are supposed to get shut down due to their NCLEX pass rates being low. But who kows. I don't think it has much to do with ADN vs. BSN. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy I got my BSN. Some of the best nurses are have an ADN. Anywho...I'd recommend NMSU. Good luck.
  11. JazzyNursie87

    help with documentation

    As a new nurse in a hospital with paper charting, it was a real shock to me the amount of charting we have to do. We also have to chart Q2h. Sometimes it's really hard to know where to start. And when you get behind because you are busy...forget it! I think it's something that comes with time. I will definitely look for some books though. I remember my teachers telling me that if I didn't chart it, I didn't do it. This helps me.
  12. JazzyNursie87


    My only advice to you is to hang in there. Things will work out...they ALWAYS end up working out. If you feel like nights aren't for you, don't stay there. I work nights and don't mind it at all. However, I know people that literally get depressed and sick when working nights. I'm sure it's something to do with the circadium rythm. As for exercise, it's really hard to do when you are working 3 nights a week. I've also gained a little bit of weight. My preceptor constantly offering me candy bars sure isn't helping!! :) What I've found works for me is group fitness classes such as kickboxing, aerobics, and yoga. I find a few a week that fit into my schedule. It's hard for me to do my own workout, but when there is an instructor to motivate me, it is a whole lot easier. If you aren't great at the beginning, keep going back! You'll get better. Even if you only start out with 1 or 2 classes a week, it's something! I can bet it will also make you feel a whole lot better about all aspects of your life, personal and professional. Good luck, and again, HANG IN THERE!!
  13. JazzyNursie87

    NCLEX-RN review book suggestion?

    A lot of my school mates had Kaplan. My hiring hospital paid for a 4 week comprehensive Silvestri NCLEX review. However, they gave it to me 2 weeks before NCLEX, so I did some of it...and then took the comprehensive and CAT exams at the end. I used Saunders NCLEX Review book mostly. I passed after 75 questions.
  14. JazzyNursie87

    Need advice in starting out as a New Grad

    Ahhh...they never told us how hard it would be finding a job after nursing school, did they? I figured it would be super easy since there is such a high demand for nurses...however, there are tons of new grads vying for positions. It took me more than a month to find my current position. I only found it because I became very assertive, and I started calling directors to schedule interviews. But I think I'm where I want to be I think you should get your foot in the door with the position this hospital offered you if that's where you want to be. Although your true love is labor and delivery, I'm sure you will learn a lot of great information on the Tele floor....and you don't have to stay there forever. That would be one thing I would definitely ask when signing your papers..."How long to I have to stay here before I can transfer?". While your there, you can maybe get to know some of the people in L&D and let this networking get the word out of what your intentions are. It's definitely good to have a background in Tele. Pregnant/postpartum mom's sometimes have systemic (including heart) troubles. Congratulations and good luck to you!
  15. JazzyNursie87

    Let's introduce ourselves...

    Hi everyone!! My name is Jazmine Carr, and I'm from New Mexico. I graduated in December and started my new job in January. I took my boards on February 2nd and passed after 75 questions. My first day in the MICU was January 25th. I'm enjoying it a lot so far. I'm learning so much every shift! I would eventually like to go into trauma, but I'd also like to experience OR and home health nursing at some point. Nice to meet you all!
  16. JazzyNursie87

    first time test taker!!!!! nclex-rn on 9th of march

    Try to relax...and good luck!!!