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  1. getting a jump on school

    that kinda stuff helps in A&P. You may need to know a few of the muscles you can give an IM injection in.
  2. Buying a Stethoscope

    I would get the cheapest Littman Lightweight you can get. I have seen many students lose their stethoscopes or use one of the nurses and find they like that particular one better than their own. wait until you are working and then spend the extra m...
  3. future goals

    after nursing school, I want to go to CRNA school. What does anyone know about how hard it is to get into. What should I really focus on now while in school (pharm, disease process, getting proficient at skills). Does anyone know the best place to...
  4. 3 words...They are STUPID
  5. I Have No Memory Recall!!!!

    I take adderall. I struggled my first semester, but I went and saw my Dr. and we talked about my lack of focus and memory. My grades have improved and I retain the material much better now.
  6. question about nitrostat

    The sublingual ntg has nearly immediate access to general circulation...it should work very quickly.
  7. lidocaine question

    I saw a previous thread about buffering Lidocaine for procedures...does anyone know what this is for?
  8. Student living

    Student loans...it helps to have a spouse with a decent income...budget...you have to suck it up for a couple of years, but it should be worth it. Try to save as much as you can prior to school to cut down on loans.
  9. What steth are you using....

    I use whatever I can find laying around...really not too particular about any specific model