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  1. ChayaN, Maybe you can try to e-mail Health Services... studenthealth@downstate.edu I've just sent an e-mail. Hopefully someone will reply by early next week!? Have you tried to contact you previous schools or maybe even high school to see if they have your immunization records? I just called my high school and was surprised when the nurse told me that she had my immunization records on file, including the polio vaccine.
  2. I haven't received my username/password either. I faxed a copy of my lab work to health services yesterday and when I called this morning to confirm receipt I was told to just check the online "checklist" later today.
  3. I am taking A& II this semester but I am finding it hard to concentrate on the class beacuse I have been taking 17 credits this semester -- all science courses. I will have a 2 week break before starting the RN program at Downstate so hopefully I will be able to start reading the summer books ahead of time.
  4. thanks for the heads up. I am currently enrolled in an LPN program and have recently reviewed a an entire dosage calculation book. My current LPN class is very broad and doesn't go too much into details on assessment or nursing notes. The test questions are hard but I found that the NCLEX study guides are very helpful.
  5. Has anyone been studying/preparing for summer courses? Has anyone reviewed any nursing books like dosage calculation, nursing notes/process, medical vocabulary? Does anyone know if we are required to pass a math test in the beginning of each session? I read this thread earlier and thought that we all could benefit from the discussion https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-student/i-wish-i-384846.html
  6. FYI...I have been using this dosage calculation book and it has helped me a lot: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_b_5_18?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=dosage+calculations+7th+edition+gloria+pickar&x=0&y=0&sprefix=dosage+calculation
  7. Summer Session I - ISBN #'s NRBS 300 9780781774086 and 0781765846 NRBS311 9780781762403 PAPH 630 9780323049900 and 9780323049894 Summer Session II ISBN #'s NRBS 315 1416056726 NRBS 326 9780781777698 and 9780781782487 NRBS 330 9780763746438 NRBS 341 9780132208734 and 0132324415
  8. This is the update book list....
  9. Ok, here is the list of books. I didn't copy the entire titles with edition and publishe but I did copy the title and ISBN #'s. If you go online just type the isbn # on the amazon search box or ebay/half.com, etc.... - Health Assessment in Nursing, 9780781762403 - Applying Nursing Process - A tool for Critical Thinking 9780781774086 - Leading & Managing in Nursing 0323039006 The 8th Habit 9780684846651 The new leadership challenge: Creating the future of nursing 9780803620452 - Understanding Patophysiology 9780323049900 Study Guide 9780323049894 - Foundation of psychiatry & Mental Health 9781416000884 Manual 1416029168 - Nursing Today, Transition and Trends 1416056726 - Clinical Drug Therapy: Rationals for Nursing Practice 9780781777698 Study Guide 9780781782487 - Nursing as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning 9780763746438 - Maternal Newborn Nursing & Woman's Health Across Life Span 9780132208734 Study Guide 0132324415 There is one more book... but I didn't write the complete title and I think the ISBN is wrong. I have to go to Downstate on monday for my 2nd PPD, so I will stop by the bookstore to get the correct title on this book: **Community Health & Nursing 9780781765846 Some of these titles don't seem to match the courses that we are taking during the summer (like the Psychiatry/Mental Health Book). I will be taking the course names and numbers with me on monday to confirm the list, so please check back later on during the week to see if there are any changes to the list.
  10. FYI....I went to the bookstore today and copied the list of books for the summer. I got all the ISBN #'s... the books are a lot cheaper on amazon.com or half.com. I anticipate spending at leat $600 on books this summer. The uniform couldn't be uglier -- the description on the package said "chef's coat"!
  11. FML814

    Accelerated Bachelor Stony Brook vs Downstate

    Congratulations!!! I have also applied to both schools and am still waiting to hear from Downstate and SB (2 year program). When did you receive your acceptance letter from Downstate?