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    Hi All. I have exclusively worked in the hospital setting my entire career (12 years). I am transitioning to a county mental health clinic so I can get experience prior to beginning my mental health NP. There is a BIG difference in what is consi...
  2. Hi, I am a new OR RN (4 months) and appreciate the dedication it takes to be in this specialty. I definitely want to stay where I am with the understanding that it takes quite a bit of time to be comfortable in the OR. I am also a recent graduate and...
  3. smcelroy5

    New to Home Health - ?'s about 1st visit and PT/INR!!

    Thank you so much! One more question: Venipunture vs. IV start - do i advance the catheter after flash or just stop once I get return? Then, leave the tourniquet on until I have my specimen, remove tourniquet, remove specimens tubing and then remove ...
  4. Hi, I am new to home health and have my first client tomorrow. I am going out for a surgical wound eval, initial assessment and PT/INR draw. I am pretty rusty on venipuncture (I have been in ambulatory clinics since RN school) and could use some tips...

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