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    What a week!

    Well I'm 3 weeks into my first semester. This week we have 5 tests. I've gotten thru Medical Terminology, HIV/AIDS, & Dosage Calculation. Friday I have my first test in Pharmacology & Nursing Concepts. So far so good! I passed Med Term. I feel pretty good about the HIV & Dosage calc test, but won't have the official grades till next week. It's going by so fast! So far I love all my instructors. The program in general seems to be really disorganized, but all the students further along tell us 1st termers to get used to it! Last week we ordered our uniforms, all white (YUCK!). I can't beleive 3 weeks have gone by so far! Before I know it first term will be over. It's so hard to find time to get online these days. But I'm sure ya'll can relate. Just had to share with everyone. Hope everyone else is doing good is school too.

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