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  1. There is a contemporary pamphlet about the hospitals available here: http://libcdm1.UNCG.edu/cdm/ref/collection/WWIPamp/id/1738 With photographs! An interesting peek at nursing history.
  2. Glad to hear the good news!
  3. Teresag_CNS

    Introducing #SilentNoMore

    While we may never eradicate violence in the health care workplace, that is not a reason to give up. Nurses deserve good security in our workplaces. We deserve the right to prosecute patients and visitors (and coworkers) for assault. We deserve admin...
  4. Teresag_CNS

    How to Write to Your Legislator

    Well, why not be the somebody who does? You can make change happen; it's as easy as writing a letter. Writing to your Senator or Representative is not as daunting as it may seem. These people want to hear from you! It's been said that one letter from...
  5. Teresag_CNS

    "That's a myth about nursing"

    "There is a shortage of nurses willing to work under current bedside nursing conditions." AMEN!
  6. Teresag_CNS

    You Know You're A Nurse If...

    What a sweet story! Is he still with you?
  7. I was interviewed two days ago by NBC news reporter Elizabeth Chuck regarding sexual harassment of nurses. She wants to hear from others. My interview lasted about 15 minutes. We need to tell these stories. Thank you for speaking up, nurses!
  8. Teresag_CNS

    Order that says "Don't call MD for pain meds"?

    Acetaminophen has been shown to be little better than placebo for musculoskeletal pain. Since nurses spend the bulk of the time at the bedside, we deserve a rationale for such an order. Fractures hurt. Several people here have speculated, but you ne...
  9. Teresag_CNS

    Nursing is Just a Job- common myths in nursing

    I think it's important that we nurses not allow employers to define us. Although they may treat us as a necessary evil (and I believe that is true), we don't have to embrace that misrepresentation of our profession. Nursing is a profession. Employer...
  10. Teresag_CNS

    Nursing is Just a Job- common myths in nursing

    I may have misunderstood what you meant by "Nightingalish," but it sounds like you're not familiar with her life and career. Florence Nightingale defied her parents as a young woman to study the nursing profession because she felt strongly about devo...
  11. Teresag_CNS

    HELP! Threats to call BON!

    Speak directly with your board of nursing. Tell them what's happening. He is probably making empty threats, but if you contact the BON first, you're much less likely to appear guilty. Tell them the facts and ask for advice. Also, your state nursing a...
  12. Teresag_CNS

    What We Don't Measure

    Nineteen-eighty-two was the year I began nursing, associate's degree proudly in hand, in a community hospital's coronary care unit. My excitement about practicing in critical care was tempered by the fear of inadequacy familiar to many new nurses. Ea...
  13. Teresag_CNS

    I think I will give negative feedback

    Definitely. This is inappropriate. They were speaking above you, as if you weren't there.
  14. Teresag_CNS

    New RN having the worst time

    First, those who say a nursing home gives you no experience are flat-out wrong. Your practice is complex, as your dilemmas illustrate. What is the best way to prevent and treat skin tears and UTIs? How is delirium best managed? How to make decisions ...
  15. Teresag_CNS

    Regret becoming a nurse....

    I think you're expressing the same frustrations that many nurses experience. I agree with those who suggest a change of practice area; maybe outside of the hospital? Hospitals pay best, but they also have the least sense of why we became nurses, in ...
  16. We all make communication mistakes. As a hospital-based nurse for over 30 years, I've certainly made my share, and witnessed many more. Along the way, I've picked up a few tips that I hope are helpful to students and new nurses. 1. Avoid loaded langu...
  17. Teresag_CNS

    The View From Under the Bus

    A year ago I got a certificate in the mail celebrating my 30th year of certification as an intensive care nurse (CCRN). I smiled to remember how proud I was when I attained certification, 30 years younger and just 2 years into my nursing career. Bu...
  18. Teresag_CNS

    Comparative Effectiveness Research in Nursing Care

    Thank you, Beth. I sat on a systematic review panel on pressure ulcer prevention recently; it may be the one you cited. It was done at Oregon Health & Science University. I was part of the initial team, then had to move on to other projects, so I...
  19. I am interested, but I'd like more explanation of what you mean by "medicalization." Thanks.
  20. Teresag_CNS

    Why do nurses clean off their shoes at work?

    Doesn't do any harm to clean your shoes more often. And it may reduce the bacterial burden on your shoes, keeping you from tracking it everywhere.
  21. Teresag_CNS

    Communication Advice for Nursing Students

    Thanks for sharing that meaningful story, reg4fun69. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with a nurse, but glad she apologized and it does seem like it was a learning experience for you, which is good, of course. Best wishes in your nursing studies!
  22. Teresag_CNS

    Why the heck do I have to be assertive???

    Assertiveness is a quality required of practicing nurses. We need to speak up about quality problems, workplace harrassment, patient safety problems, and other issues. I think the people telling you to be more assertive have your best interests in mi...
  23. Teresag_CNS

    Comparative Effectiveness Research in Nursing Care

    We need CER on turning for pressure ulcer prevention. Has AHRQ considering funding an RCT of 2 versus 3 hour turning intervals in acute care? I know there is a large study by Bergstrom in long-term care on the topic. We need the question answered in ...
  24. Teresag_CNS

    Patient Education in Nursing Care

    If we hope to improve the effectiveness of education in the hospital setting, we need to revise the requirements issued by electronic health records. Where I recently practiced, for example, if you checked "heart failure" as an education topic, the s...
  25. Oh, my, the PHARMACY. Yes, we have missing drugs. Yes, we have to look in 5 different places for drugs before we conclude that it hasn't been sent yet. Yes, a nurse is expected to remember where every drug is likely to be found (refrigerator, Pyxis ...