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  1. snoflak25

    Surgical Clearance

    That's pretty much what I thought. I do work in Cardiology - so I will have to take into account the specific disease process and the indications of that disease. I just wanted to confirm that it was within our scope of practice! Thank you!!
  2. snoflak25

    Surgical Clearance

    Sorry for my ignorance - new NP here. Can NPs do preop exams/give surgical clearance (Illinois). Thank you!
  3. snoflak25

    NP in NY?

    Hi all, I apologize in advance if a question like this has been asked before (if it has, I'd be grateful if someone directed me to where I could find the answer!) I currently live in Chicago, and I'm graduating this June with my RN. I hope to go back to school to get my NP next year, leaving me to graduate with my NP certificate in June 2013. My questions are about moving to New York. I know Illinois is possibly changing the Nurse Practice Act so that nurses will have to get their DNP to be a nurse practitioner in 2015. Does anyone know if New York has (or will soon) change their laws to be the same? Also, if I graduate from a school in Chicago, will I be able to move to New York and practice there as a NP when I pass the boards, etc.? Thanks so much for any advice you can offer! Thanks!