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Med-Surg Nurse for 2.5 yrs.

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  1. bachelors or masters?

    Our facility (in the Northwest) hires ADN RN's to work oncology as well as BSN's. As the above post, there is no difference in pay scale for ADN or BSN.
  2. Name Badge Credentials

    Thanks for your clarification. I agree and understand that only the highest degree should be listed. I also believe that in a profession where higher education is highly encouraged, the highest degree should be listed on the name badge. This is an in...
  3. Name Badge Credentials

    How do you feel about hospitals not allowing their nurses' degree credentials; e.g. BSN, MSN, Phd, to be listed on their name badge? Is this a common practice?
  4. I'm a graduating nursing student...and I know NOTHING!!!!

    Buy some chewable Pepto Bismal to keep in your pocket, never be afraid to say "I don't know" or "Can I get back to you on that, I'll have to look it up." Preceptors ask questions to draw you out, not to expose lack of knowledge. You'll surprise yours...
  5. Learning Thread: Med/Surg

    Each patient and seizure is different. Assessment and documentation of each stage, specific symptoms, length, must be documented. A pt is asked questions to determine postical LOC to assess/monitor length of each stage and may be asked question durin...