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  1. *EosinophiL*

    The Medical City

    @hazyblue: From what mrt station are u coming from? Tell me first so i can give u the directions.. :) My friend told me that it took her about 2 weeks before she got called up by the HR.. @tomoyo: Yes, they are currently on hiring.. Training first before deployment.. :) And may i ask from what area are u from? so i can give you the directions.. @dodoy: Ive got that info from a friend.. I think that system started last nov 09 only, and yes it is still ongoing.. That's their new hiring system, the drop box and computer log-in system was gone.. The hiring process that i am talking about is for staff nurse positions.. They do not accept volunteers, as in never.. @piquant: No, im not yet done with the hiring process.. I havent even called by the hr.. The good thing with TMC training is that they hire all their trainees, except if you are really incompetent.. The only problem is the waiting period after the training, as they do not deploy you immediately after the training.. I have a friend who waited 3 mos before he got deployed.. That's a sad reality..
  2. *EosinophiL*

    The Medical City

    Yes, they are currently on hiring.. The good news is, they now have new system of hiring applicants.. The drop box and computer log-in system was gone.. Now, all you need to do is sign-up in a logsheet located in the HR office.. No need for any credentials or documents.. Then they'll just call u for the initial exam.. And the hiring process now is faster.. My friend just recently passed the final interview there, and guess what? she finished the whole process in just two weeks.. That includes clinical exam, psyche exam, HR interview and final interview.. Unlike before that you need to wait for at least a month to proceed to the next step.. Isn't that great news?! :) I've also heard that their next batch of training will be on january.. so if i were you, i'll go there asap.. :) Godbless on our application! :)
  3. *EosinophiL*

    St. Luke's, Capitol Med, PHC, Medical City

    yes, it is listed as one of their requirements posted outside the hr office.. however, i believe that if you'll be able to complete all the other requirements, they will still give you a chance.. this is because the entry board rating of 78% and above is not written on red ink, unlike the other requirements such as intravenous therapy license and recent basic life support license which are written on red ink.. i think having a board rating of 78% and above is an advantage not a must.. that's just my observation.. :)
  4. *EosinophiL*

    Come one, Come All

    Hi everyone! I have already made an account for our group. Kindly PM me your email add so I can add you up.. I cant post the infos here, that's why.. Dont you worry, your email adds will be kept confidential.. :) From there, we will set a particular date and time on when will we have a conference or something.. See you guys soon! Cant wait! :)
  5. *EosinophiL*

    BLS, ACLS, IVT training

    BLS Training: I recommend Philippine National Red Cross.. The training fee is P450 for 2 days.. You can inquire at the nearest chapter in your area for the schedules.. As for the Rizal chapter, they conduct BLS trainings every week.. That's what i knew.. ACLS Training: HEART Foundation, which is located at the Philippine Heart Center, offers the BEST ACLS training.. The fee is P3,500 for 3 days, but im telling you, it is WORTH IT, i guarantee you.. You will really learn a lot.. However, BLS and ECG Recognition seminar are prerequisites for the said training.. It doesn't matter where you took the 2 trainings.. IVT: You can inquire at the ANSAP office.. :)
  6. *EosinophiL*

    Come one, Come All

    That's a GREAT idea nurseHarbee! :) You know you can always count on me.. :) Guys, feel free to post your ideas here.. It would be a fun and exciting get-together party for all of us.. Hope to see you VERY soon.. :)
  7. *EosinophiL*

    Hospitals in Manila open for hiring?

    Hi tinesirk! I think you can get the PTR from your municipality.. Im not really sure about this though..
  8. *EosinophiL*

    Hospitals in Manila open for hiring?

    hi! capitol medical center is currently open for staff nurse position.. the requirements are as follows: 1. resume 2. 3 pcs. 2x2 pics with blue background 3. diploma 4. tor 5. rle record 6. board certificate/ certificate of registration 7. board rating of 78% and above 8. prc license 9. ptr 10. sss id/ e-1 form 11. tin 12. nbi clearance 13. police clearance 14. cedula 15. certificate of employment (if previously employed) 16. birth certificate 17. ivt license/ certificate of attendance 18. recent bls license/ certificate of attendance i believe there's also some threads that are related to your inquiry.. just search.. gobless on your application! :)
  9. *EosinophiL*

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    Hi arglen_rn! I also have the same dilemma as yours.. I submitted my application last September-October but until now i havent received any updates from them.. I've heard from a friend that they only accept applicants with board rating of 80% and above.. But this is not yet confirmed.. However, i am thinking that maybe the reason why they are not calling me is that my board rating is below their required grade.. May I ask if you and your friend meet the said board rating requirement??.. I do still have high hopes that they will consider my application.. :) Godbless on our application! :)
  10. *EosinophiL*

    non-thesis masters degree program in the philipines

    Hi! As far as I know, UERM is the only school here in Metro Manila which offers MSN (non-thesis) program.. They also have excellent curriculum.. For further info, you can visit their website.. :)
  11. *EosinophiL*

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    Thanks divineevil06 for informing me.. I do still have high hopes that maybe one day they'll bump into my application and consider it.. :)
  12. *EosinophiL*

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    Hi burbeestar and invisible! Do you guys have any idea if they only accept applicants with board rating of 80% and above? Coz ive already submitted my application last September, and i still dont have any updates yet.. Im thinking maybe because i have lower board rating that's why they didnt consider my application.. What do you think? Please enlighten my mind.. Thanks! :)
  13. *EosinophiL*

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    A big thank you Burbeestar! Your post is soooo helpful, really! Have you undergone those steps? Are you already working in SLMC-QC?.. Godbless!
  14. *EosinophiL*

    Fresenius Medical Care Qualifying Exam

    Hi callenRN1507! So how's ur exam in Fresenius? What's the current status of your application? Im also interested in applying there.. Do you have any idea if they still have vacancy for nurse position? Thanks in advance for your response.. :)
  15. *EosinophiL*

    East Avenue Medical Center

    Hi everyone! I just want to ask if you have any idea if EAMC is accepting applicants for staff nurse position as of now? or if they are accepting volunteer nurses?.. & if so, how do they do their recruitment? do you have to submit your documents on a drop box? I would greatly appreciate all your replies. Thank you in advance. :thankya: Godbless!
  16. *EosinophiL*

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    Hi everyone! To greenstone: As far as i know, those trainings that you have mentioned are not required, but it would be an advantage if you have undergone those.. :) To Nurse_PUKYAW: I dont think they require any board rating average.. And if they would, they should indicate that in the list of requirements that they are giving.. To Pans28: You're always welcome.. :) To hamish: They didnt give any specific time as to when they will start accepting applicants.. I think it would be better to call the HR dept for the updates.. :) To saint_nurse: Im sorry but i dont have any idea where to submit the applications.. I just gave mine to my backer there.. hehehe.. May God bless us all!

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