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  1. Hey Stinalbf2, Congrats on being accepted into the program!! I was in the program last year. Have you ordered your uniforms yet? If you or anyone you know still needs uniforms, I still have mine which they are like brand new.
  2. Hi! I was just wondering if anyone will be attending OU's traditional program either OU-OCCC CBSN or OU's BSN in OKlahoma City for Fall 2010??
  3. Anyone attending OU's traditional program either OU-OCCC CBSN or BSN at Oklahoma City for Fall 2010??
  4. beth001

    OU Traditional Nursing Program

    I didn't really put a great deal of thought into what I wrote. I mean, I made sure that I wrote about 3-4 well-constructed, gramatically correct sentences. I got accepted, so I would not worry to much about this part. Just make sure to answer what the question is asking and that your sentences have correct grammar and make sense and I think that you will be fine! Hope this helps. Good Luck!