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  1. The Nurse on the Other Side

    OMG you my dears need psychiatric help, not cortisol. Been a nurse 30 years, never heard that one. This is an example of becoming a professional patient. A person is depressed and anxious but that isn't acceptable to admit, so they look for physica...
  2. The Nurse on the Other Side

    You have no idea what is going on in the emergency department you are in. I work as an ER nurse and I am sorry but someone with chronic pain is not a priority. Priorities are chest pain, CVAs, cardiac arrests, trauma. Chronic pain should be handled ...
  3. The Nurse on the Other Side

    Wow...really? You sound like someone with a real anger problem. It's like you went in ready to be angry. You need help.
  4. Everyone Wants to Become a Nurse For Different Reasons

    Small nurse 10 - What exactly is the RIGHT ATTITUDE? For some reason that comment bugs me.
  5. "Houston we have a problem" This just got very real

    lmadness: tales of an emergency room nurse: maybe nurses should go on strike until they get the proper training and equipment for dealing with ebola We need to stand up for ourselves and demand the proper training and equipment to deal with this.
  6. She should sue the hospital. She did not mention any names. Lawsuits have been filed over this and the suer has won.
  7. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Hiawatha Amen King Charles
  8. A day. But as I grow older it is getting to be more like a day and a half. Have you ever thought how much time we give up to work these 12 hour shifts? It definitely affects quality of life. :zzzzz
  9. infected paper cut per ambulance:yeah:
  10. 12,000 nurses in minneapolis are going to vote on whether to strike next wednesday. This would be the largest nurse strike in US history. It looks like we WILL vote to strike. The employer is trying to take back 30 years of gains nurses have made ...