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  1. CNA working as live-in, Chicago, Rate of Pay?

    Please help me! I am considering accepting a position as a live-in nursing assistant (40 hours a week) in Chicago, taking care of an elderly patient with dementia. I normally do hospital (Tele-Critical Care) work. What should I expect for a rate of p...
  2. Looking for Employmnet agency work in Chicago, IL

    Hi! I am a CNA, I work full time but need to pay some bills, so does anybody know any good employment agencies in the Chicago area? I'll take the train to the suburbs if necessary. I have mental health/LTC/ telemetry/critical care experience. Thanks ...
  3. Looking for A good Nursing Employment Agency

    Hi, I have a job that is full time, but I am looking to pick up some work to pay off some bills, does anybody know of any good nursing employment agencies in Illinois? I live in Wicker Park (Chicago) but will take a train to the suburbs if necessary....
  4. CNA new to Illinois looking for work

    Thank you for responding, I got a job at Resurrection and am excited about it! If you know where I can get a quick and dirty phlebotomy class, please let me know, I checked around and they seem to want me to spend thousands of dollars and 6 months in...
  5. New to Illinois (Chicago) Looking for Work

    Hi! I am new to Chicago, I am a CNA, my last job was 3 1/2 years on a telemetry unit at a small (200 beds) hospital. I am interested in Stroger (I like public health) but they never seem to be hiring for CNAs (or in this case, PCAs). I am just wonder...
  6. CNA new to Illinois looking for work

    Hi, I am a CNA, new to Illinois, living in Chicago. My last job was on a tele unit in a small hospital. I am wondering how things are done here as far as looking for work- is it okay to apply in scrubs? (Ironed, of course). Also, I have noticed very ...