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  1. GIRLvsNSG

    Where Is The Worst place to work in Florida?

    that depends entirely on what floor you work on. we have plenty of overtime on our floor.
  2. GIRLvsNSG

    Who Draws blood from a-lines??

    hrrrm...doesn't sound like it should be part of their scope of practice. i worked as a tech on the unit i work at now as an RN (ms-icu), and several nurses taught me how to access art-lines, but it was in no way an expected duty. they allowed me to do it just so i would have the hands-on knowledge. however, i was our unit's only tech and i haven't been replaced since i switched roles. generally speaking, i would NOT want anybody besides another RN or and RT accessing my line.
  3. perhaps you should real the whole post, because this nurse DID offer a solution. a good one, too.
  4. GIRLvsNSG

    Harborview, the House of Hope and Pain

    harborview changed my life in a lot of ways. I did a "health occupations" program in high school that facilitated CNA licensure, introduction into A&P, and an 8 week internship at harborview. it was my first real hospital experience on the side of medicine, not as a patient. the social issues presented there were heartbreaking, the personal tragedies were always present, but there always seemed to be a sense of progressiveness and excellence. if i ever move back to seattle, i will bang on that BICU door until they let me back in. it's not perfect, but it certainly is nice to be at a place that isn't as wrought with corporate greed like many institutions are (even, or perhaps especially, the "non-for-profit" ones).