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  1. calalilly

    Compassion or reality for obese patients?

    There is a difference between society telling a person something, and a nurse trying to make a patient feel guilty about something. It would not be acceptable for a nurse to say any of the above to a patient. There are tactful and respectful ways to speak to your patients. Causing guilt is not one of them
  2. calalilly

    NOT going to the pinning ceremony

    I cant believe you had to call your instructors "Miss" or "Mr". you are training to be their colleague. At my school everyone went by their first names
  3. calalilly

    NOT going to the pinning ceremony

    If you already have a previous degree why is walking across a stage to receive a blank piece of paper so important to you? The pinning ceremony is a time to celebrate with your fellow nurses, and to celebrate what you have accomplished. I have a previous degree, and the last thing I want to do (or make my friends/family do) is sit through a boring commencement ceremony AGAIN. The pinning ceremony is a special occasion for every nurse and I think it is something you should reconsider.
  4. calalilly

    I was all set to head towards NP now a dr told me PA. Hmmm

    GilaRN you seem to be very bias. I don't understand why you are still harping on the hard science background. In my NP program, and most that I have seen, students are required to have 2 semesters of chemistry, at least one in organic, 2 semesters of biology, 2 semesters of anatomy and physiology. The list goes on. Why are you so concerned with the hard science background? Not only do we have to have those classes as prereq's but we also have to take all of our nursing classes, an assessment class, and pharmacology just to get our RN/BSN. Continuing into the NP portion advanced pathophys, advanced pharm, advanced health assessment are all required. NP's are very much qualified to diagnose and treat patients, and do in fact have a strong grasp of the sciences. I think you are being a bit blind about how PA's and NP's approaches differ. It is well known that PA's are educated in the medical model, which is focused on the disease and treating the disease process. NP's are educated in the nursing model which is a more holistic approach that focuses on the patient as a whole, the disease being one component or aspect of the patient. It is true that NP's and PA's practice pretty equally in many circumstances. The goal for both the NP and the PA is to treat the patient. However, training and approach is different. There is a reason there are both PA's and NP's and that is because different people prefer different approaches. I have always found NP's to be more empathetic and have found that they focus on the patient, where many PA's dont seem to see the patient as a person, only a disease to be treated.
  5. calalilly

    Just gave up a decent income to be a CNA

    you dont have to give up your well paying job to be a CNA. The schooling is only 6 weeks? That is nothing compared to LPN, RN, or BSN programs. You may not want a full time server position, but you could definitely keep it part time while in school and while a CNA. I have been a server for 10 years. I worked full time for 5 years and was a server part time. The cash you make as a server is tough to match. I am in nursing school now, and am still working as a server. There is no need to give up a position where you make so much money for a position where you will be making half of that. For a lot of people working in a restaurant is a part time position and for me is the perfect way to supplement my income. If I were you I would think about keeping a server position while in school and while a CNA.
  6. calalilly

    Regis College Incoming Students for Fall 2009!

    Thanks for the help!
  7. calalilly

    Regis College Incoming Students for Fall 2009!

    Thanks! Is it full insurance coverage, or one of the discount programs? Do you know? I am just wondering if it is enough or if I should worry about finding other coverage. I didnt get my mail yet today, but I bet it will be there when I get home. Hopefully it will be everything I need. Thanks again!
  8. calalilly

    Regis College Incoming Students for Fall 2009!

    Just wondering what people plan do do about insurance coverage? I dont know much about the insurance Regis offers, does anyone have more info? Thanks.