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  1. Any entreprenurial nurses out there?

    HI Beccarner: I just read your post and I honestly do not have an answer for you. I do have lots of questions: what would you want to tell teens re your experience? Are there other topics besides drugs/pregnancies you'd like to include? I think it...
  2. R.N. reentry course's Atlanta

    I'd love to hear an update re the refresher course. I have a friend who is considering it, but keeps going back and forth about it. Any current info would be welcome. I'm curious. What medical device did you sell? What made you want to go back to...
  3. Info on starting own business

    I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for. Do you want information about ideas for starting a business, how to set up a business or how to go about marketing a business? There are so many different resources available, one could get overwhelmed...
  4. Aesthetic Nursing

    Hi April: I'm sorry I do not have any direct knowledge to offer you. However, I would suggest calling some aesthetic nurses employed in settings you are interested in working. Ask them for advice. You may get a feel for your local market.
  5. Tool for small business

    Welcome Kathryn: I, too, am relatively new to this forum. I look forward to hearing how you are doing in your new venture. Please lean into this forum for support. We all need a community of supporters as solo-preneurs.
  6. Loss of first RN job Today I am so sad

    In your post, you talked about what was happening around you. What were YOU experiencing? Did you look forward to going to work? Did you leave the unit feeling energized, knowing you are living the life you were meant to do? I challenge you to lo...
  7. Desperately need help-need help with direction

    There's a great book out that helps others get out of their heads. It's called Taming Your Gremlins (can't remember author). You might enjoy it given your interest in this area. Lots of exercises to help the reader become aware of what's holding t...
  8. Desperately need help-need help with direction

    I commend your openness and honesty on this forum. I encourage you to keep pursuing this avenue and not be afraid it will bring you down. Depression is not like an infectious disease. From everything you've written, it seems like this gift of conn...
  9. Please pray it will go fast

    You have my empathy!!! One thing that helped me find friends in new cities was to volunteer. It gets you out and you meet new people. I'm sure Chicago has many avenues for you to explore. Many times, when you start to focus on others and give of ...
  10. New nurse's daughter just diagnosed with Type 1

    I noticed this is an older post, but it really tugged at my heartstrings. I am a nurse whose son was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 11. He is now 17 yrs old and is for the most part doing well, but is challenged to keep his routine as a teenager. The...
  11. Is it THAT hard to get a job in the Atlanta area?

    If you really want to live in Atlanta, begin by calling places of employment that interest you. You never know when your call may be the the perfect timing for some employer who was about to put an ad out. Also, please don't let some comments by ...
  12. What would you do....?

    I agree with everyone else. And I would establish a good rapport with the oncoming nurses--it always helps to have an ally and someone who understands you are not a slack. Good relationships with others always paves the way to better working condit...
  13. Should I choose telemetry or step down floor

    I also started in the telem floor as a new grad. GREAT learning and you will see a variety of other medically complicated patients, all feeding into your experience bucket. Best of luck to you! Barbara
  14. RN wants to become substance abuse counselor

    Hi Rae: I am wondering in what area of nursing were your 13 years of experience? I don't have any leads for you, I regret. In my opinion, you may want to check out programs in counseling before starting a general psych major course. I have friends...
  15. Any entreprenurial nurses out there?

    I've just joined this forum and would love to brainstorm with others re starting a business. Some of the best small businesses have started with a brain trust of people. Please let me know if you are still interested in this (just noticed your orig...