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  1. Stony brook or adelphi?

    Thank you for your really detailed reponse which i really needed. I have already sent in my deposit to Stony Brook and will be attending next fall. I hope to be accepted to the nursing program after my first two years. Can you just explain when yo...
  2. Stony brook or adelphi?

    if i wanted to go to columbia for anesthesis training after i receive my degree in nursing, which school do u think is best to go to SUNY Stony Brook or Adelphi?
  3. Adelphi or Molloy??

    sadly..i did not get into stony brook..o i now have to decide between Molloy or Adelphi....which one over the other??
  4. Adelphi or Molloy??

    i am waiting to hear back from stony brook...but i heard that you can not get a B.S. in nursing or something along those lines. They just offer some classes on nursing but you get your degree in science?
  5. Adelphi or Molloy??

    i need to know which school would be best for just get my BSN and then moving on to CRNA programs? Thanks, advice would be much appreciated!
  6. Steps on becoming CRNA in NY??

    which school would be better for me to get my nursing degree in i after i wanted to become a nurse anesthesis? Molloy, Adelphi, or possbily Stony Brook?
  7. Steps on becoming CRNA in NY??

    clinical sites? and so if i go to Molloy for nursing and get my bachelor's, then i have to have internship at an icu for two years and apply to Columbia? what are there requirements?
  8. Steps on becoming CRNA in NY??

    can anybody get into that program at columbia or is it competitive like applying to college? and.. why was the downstate program suspended? thank you
  9. Steps on becoming CRNA in NY??

    I live in NY and i plan on staying home. So if i went to Molloy college for nursing bachelors. From there what would i have to do to become a CRNA, and what programs in NY are the best and are the hardest to get into. Thank You
  10. any CRNA'S...HELP ME!!

    ok... I am currently in High School and I am interested in the CRNA field as well as the Anesthesiologist field. I am torn between the two and i do not know what i want to become. Any advice, pros and cons for both? THANK YOU