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  1. shakeitup82

    How old were you when you began nursing school?

    I started school when I was 18 and will be 22 when I graduate.
  2. shakeitup82

    CNA at Hartford Hospital

    Does anybody know if there is a shift differential for CNAs at Hartford Hospital? Thanks! :)
  3. shakeitup82

    PCA in the neuro ICU

    Hey everybody, I am a student nurse and am interviewing on Thursday for position as a PCA in a neuro ICU. I was wondering if any past or present PCAs could tell me about their experiences and what their day-to-day was like in the unit. Thanks so much! Lindsey
  4. shakeitup82


    It really depends on your study habits so you really have to tailor it to yourself. One big mistake I've seen a lot of my friends make is just try and memorize everything. This may work short term but it will be much harder to retain and it will be a lot more stressful. Make sure you UNDERSTAND it. You can't just memorize the facts, but you have to know WHY and HOW they happen. It might seem like it would take longer to learn it, but trust me... it will be much easier when it comes to testing because you won't just have a brain filled with random facts to sort through, but you will actually have knowledge and it will make more sense. Apart from that though, it really depends on how you learn best. I always found studying diagrams very helpful because I'm a visual learner and it helped me make more sense of processes... but you just have to try different things out to discover what's best for you! Good luck!
  5. Luckily, I chose to live in themed housing my freshman year, so everybody on my floor was some sort of health major. It was one of the best decisions I made! We all became really good friends so we understand when each other had loads of work to do and couldn't hang out because we are all in the same boat! I know this isn't exactly what you're talking about, but the thing that really frustrates me is when I'm go home and am with my friends from other majors and they complain about their workload at school. They'll talk about alllll the work they have as a political science or history major (no disrespect!) and how hard their classes are. I'm just like YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!
  6. shakeitup82

    study abroad

    No, as far as I know it's only our students who can go. Sorry! I would definitely check with your school though...I know we're not the only ones who do something like that!
  7. shakeitup82

    Nursing student taking drugs

    Ok we're getting off topic...back to the original question!
  8. shakeitup82

    Nursing student taking drugs

    All I'm saying is that the poster said it wasn't a CRIME to which you told him to cite his source because you haven't heard of any states where it's not a crime. He didn't say it wasn't ILLEGAL. I
  9. shakeitup82

    Nursing student taking drugs

    First of all, not in Alaska. Secondly, just because you pay a fine doesn't make it a CRIME. If I counted correctly there are 11 states where it is decriminalized to an extent. It's basically like getting a parking violation.
  10. shakeitup82

    Nursing student taking drugs

    Not true, I go to school in MA and we decriminalized marijuana possession for up to one ounce. You just pay $100, they take it, and you can be on your way with no further repercussions.
  11. shakeitup82

    study abroad

    Do you mean other students as in ones who don't go to the school?
  12. shakeitup82

    study abroad

    I know at my school it's basically impossible to do a traditional study abroad for nursing, unless you did it very early on with all pre-reqs. I've never heard of anybody doing this though. For people who can't fit in a whole study abroad, we have shorter term falculty-led study abroad opportunities for 4-6 weeks that students can do in the summer. There are even a couple of nursing specific ones to Europe that I definitely plan on doing if i can pay for it!! I would check with your school...maybe you have something similar!
  13. shakeitup82

    cheating classmate

    I have a similar situation in my nursing classes. There is one girl who cheats on EVERYTHING. It's so frustrating because we would all be stressing over an A&P or Microbio exam we just took and she would just admit it. "I didn't think it was bad at all...but then again I cheated." She's admitted it a few times like it's some sort of joke and a couple of profs have even commended her for having the highest grades on a couple of the exams and she just smiles and nudges her friends. A few of us have thought about talking to somebody about her, but we decided that she will get caught eventually and that it will be her fault when she's struggling in clinical and has no way to cheat her way out of it. I definitely understand that it's frusterating though to know that you are working a thousand times harder than somebody while they are relaxing and doing nothing for the same grades.
  14. shakeitup82

    Class sizes

    There are about 90 nursing students in my year and we all have Pathophysiology, Pharmocology, and Nursing Interventions together. Our skills lab for Interventions is 20 people and out Developmental Psychology class is around 120 people. They sound big, but I've never really found it an issue. Since we all know each other from all of our classes, even though it's a large number of people, it's all familiar faces so it doesn't seem overwhelming or anything.
  15. shakeitup82

    Loan Forgiveness Programs

    Hey everybody! I'm still in nursing school but I'm thinking ahead! I was wondering what everybody's experiences were with loan forgiveness programs, either through the government or with hospitals you accepted jobs at after graduation. Are they really hard to come by? Thanks!
  16. shakeitup82

    Course Load

    You should be fine I think. It will be hard but you won't drive yourself crazy over it. I took A&P, Microbiology, Sociology, and Psychology in one semester and did pretty well (As and A-s and a B in Micro). Granted, Pharmocology is harder than Sociology and Psych combined, but still...with only 11 semesters hours you should have lots of studying time. It really depends on you though and how well you study and how much motivation you have! Good luck!