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  1. alykat1

    Any one from rural AZ

    i have grown up and lived in rural az..payson..it is an ok place to live but what else would you like to know
  2. alykat1

    money for school

    thank you, i have pretty much decided to go to scottsdale comm. but it is hard to get to the college because i live in payson which is like 80 miles north. i do however have the cna and terminology out of the way. i did that up here.
  3. alykat1

    just starting and moving

    In June i will be moving to Scottsdale and i am an NA now and sending my paperwork in for my state test. i was wondering if anyone has any ideas of a place work near north scottsdale
  4. alykat1

    money for school

    I am a senior is high school and will be CNA certified in December.I want to go to school for nursing to become and RN but I have o college fund to pay for it. DO any of you know a good comm. college and grants to pay for it?