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  1. Where do you want to work once you're done

    I heading towards peds trauma or the or hopefully at a pediatric hospital
  2. Life and Nursing School.

    amen I hope this makes all of us hard as rocks!!!!!!!!! cause this road seems never ending I feel your pain ladies
  3. Moving to ATL soon ...... Questions

    i would say if not emory then definantely ga state thats where i am applying
  4. Yes, I work full time!

    i say do what you have to do to k:yelclap:eep your family going and financially stable ]
  5. Need your expert advice...

  6. This week's ER

    i just thought lol lol ! break yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Did anyone move back home to attend nursing school?

    i also moved back me and my four year old daughter back with my parents. trust me it seems bad now but you wont regret it in the end. best decision i ever made